DPMG Names Tom Day As New USPS Chief Sustainability Officer

DPMG Ron Stroman has selected Tom Day to be the Postal Service’s new chief Sustainability officer. The appointment is effective July 11.

Day currently is senior plant manager for the Southern Maryland P&DC. Previously, he was senior vice president of Intelligent Mail and Address Quality. Day’s other leadership roles include senior vice president of Government Relations and vice president, Engineering. He also served as manager of the Triboro and Southeast New England districts.

The third generation USPS employee and graduate of West Point and Stanford began his career in 1984 as a management associate in the Northeast Region. In his new role as chief Sustainability officer, Day will oversee the Postal Service’s efforts to conserve energy, reduce waste and lower its carbon footprint.

Day’s appointment comes at the same time USPS released its fiscal year 2010 Annual Sustainability Report (Link, 6/28). According to the report, USPS has exceeded a number of its sustainability goals — including a nearly 30 percent reduction in facility energy use, a 33 percent reduction of supplies purchases and a 133 percent increase in alternative fuel use.

“With the help of 400 green teams created to identify low- and no-cost conservation projects, we reduced energy and water use in 2010, saving more than $5 million,” said Day. “We also reduced waste to landfills and recycled 222,000 tons of material in 2010, which saved $9 million in landfill fees and generated $13 million in revenue.”

source: USPS News Link

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  1. Hey! I just noticed he is doing the same job as my VP of Sustainability! Two guys (with staffs) making WAY over 6 figures doing the same job! This is Elephunt Plaza at it’s best!!!

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