NAPUS: Postmasters Not Included In Pay-For-Performance Freeze

Postmasters will be impacted by the suspension of the awards program for employee recognition and incentive awards

NAPUS has been informed by Postal Headquarters officials that Postmasters were not included in the recently announced freeze on Postal Service officer and executive compensation, as it relates to the Postal Service’s pay-for-performance program. Postmasters will be impacted by the suspension of the awards program for employee recognition and incentive awards, which will be suspended until further notice.

The July 1st announcement by the Postal Service was the second in a series of cash conservation initiatives which are designed to cut spending during these extremely difficult times. On June 24th, the Postal Service instituted a cash conservation plan to suspend contributions to the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS.) The suspension of payments to FERS will not impact employees and should free up about $800 million this fiscal year.

USPS officials re-emphasized the need for Congress to enact legislation to eliminate the current mandates requiring retiree health benefit pre-payments and to allow them access to CSRS and FERS overpayments. Postal leaders also requested authorization to determine the frequency of mail delivery.

July 5, 2011

Charlie Moser


13 thoughts on “NAPUS: Postmasters Not Included In Pay-For-Performance Freeze

  1. Exactly. Get all the funny looking brown people out of here. Give America back to the White Man! (as god originally intended)

  2. You’re damn right they are overpaid at McDonalds. Have you seen the price of extra value meals lately?? Have you also noticed the influx of Central and South American workers there too??? No wonder teenagers can’t get a job.

  3. Buck Wheat…. look at the Big Picture….soon you will be thinking McDonalds is overpaying their people.

  4. Wow….this squeeze that we are in will not effect our high paid “Data Entry Clerks”!

  5. Please…… you two knuckle heads are already over paid by about 30k a year. Stop bitching and do your 3 hours of work and get paid for 8.

  6. Congress must exercise control on expenses or let taxpayers foot the bill. Eliminate the 5.3 billion paid for retirees health benefits:; taxpayers can pay. Management unions employees are paid a salary to preform and should not be given extra performance money. Taxpayers can pay for the many postal products and services no longer used. Deliver advertising mail 6 or 7 days a week and take additional holidays such as groundhog or arbor day. Congressional politicans create debt as they take no action to reduce cost as revenue declines and will continue to do so. The so called conservatives need to take action t0 reduce USPS cost.FROM HEADQUARTERS TO LEVEL 11 OFFICES THAT ARE A WASTED COST.

  7. What did i tell you . They will just call it something else . Nothing ever changes . If the post office went bye bye today , they would still get paid . While the rest of us wouldn’t get a thing ! Why do you think they are crying about being out of money ? They always seem to find it for themselves !

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