Editorial: USPS! Something About The Blues

Editorial by Ronald Williams, Jr.

I’m taking a moment to use my pen as an exhaust pipe to vent my view about a controlled combustion inside this mail industry engine. If you don’t follow the PostalReporter news on a regular basis you might not understand the intended pun to follow in this article.

Insert your ear plugs to lower the ambient noise and take flight with me towards turbulent and cloudy skies as the supersonic Eagle rises above the trees to see the entire forest. The climate is cold at present but forecasted for more postal conditions to change. I’m not a guy who works in the big picture but I do dwell in the nitty gritty of generation pain. Blue is the color of the company, liteblue is the shade for employees, and black and blue is the tint associated with the current crisis. Every time we see a headline it appears as though the colorful sand in this uniquely sculptured “our” glass is running out.

This attitude tree got a lot of branches and at the base of the trunk is Mr. Donahoe, our chief organizer born, bread, buttered, and now jammed with a whole lot of agency issues forcing us to consider hocking all our hockables. Optimistically we expect those handling our affairs to focus on the issues and not play political games with the wrong Issa to heal our bruise. We will need to address Mr. Ross for less, and do our best not getting Carper tunnel from preparing many situation reports. We are in the process of getting a physical checkup from a presidential candidate weighing in with his Paw-lenty’s all over our pulse. Without the last mile our competitors would be FED-UPS with the conversation.

We don’t expect Giuliano and the Board of Governors to get B.O.G’d down in minor details before its Miller time, or while awaiting a PR opinion the Goldway. We’re counting on Strong, Guffey, Hegarty, and Rolando to show the pundits, and armchair quarterbacks that they are the real resident experts on the state of the postal union. The I.G., GAO, and a guy named Herr have their own tactical analysis about privatization. If all these high profile folks mix mustard and mayonnaise we are never going to deliver ketchup in time for the unscheduled Tea Party.

It is time to turn the place holders, and chair warmers by balancing the air time and getting some input from the silent partner too(our lower level employees). If you listen to the lub-dub heartbeat of all the talking heads it sounds like the “Elephant in the room” is about to redo the corporate DNA. The Postal Service is known for winning a lot of public awards and now “We the people” who are feeling job insecurity are silently standing by with the kaleidoscope award ready for presentation if our industry leaders can turn chaos into beauty.

This battle must be exhausting for the big-wigs, but it’s more worrisome for those of us outside the boundaries of the yellow tape. We got our fingers crossed that all the players have the skill and discipline to make “Blue” emerge victorious in the Great Postal Service Debate.

Ronald Williams, Jr. is a postal employee and frequent contributor to PostalReporter.com.


5 thoughts on “Editorial: USPS! Something About The Blues

  1. You would like that, Nick. It sounded like your incoherent rant on the other topic.

  2. Give the $ 5.3 billion for retirees health benefits to the taxpayer. Pay salaries as determined by congress prior to collective bargaining. Pay public service salaries which are not comparable to private sector as they must generate sales to create earnings for positive bottomline results unlike govenment service with massive benefits and salaries which taxpayers can pay. Mail delivery is a government service guaranteed by the Constitution but which has collective bargaining rights to increase wages and benefits. USPS, UPS, and FED X operate in oppositie modes. USPS can exist as a debt laden semi quasi government corporation and increase debt, revenue decline, core product First Class Mail decline resulting in less revenue and yet USPS can exist as it did 50 years as a government service and any financial problems such as 5.3 billion in retirees health benefits being paid by USPS being diverted to TAXPAYERS. Americans are entitled to 6 day mail delivery with more Post Officies than McDonalds or Starbucks. Americans are entitled to these benefits whatever the cost as proclaimed by the NALC, APWU,
    NAPS, Postmaster Unions, Mailhandlers, Rural Carriers Union, USPS Headquarters Management, as well as Congress at the expense of the TAXPAYER,

  3. If Mr Donahue wantedt to the run the post office better maybe he needs to get management to follow the contract or even better have management at the local level be accountable for all the grievanaces that management have to pay out for violating the contract. In our district alone we have paid out over 1 million dollars in each quarter of 2011. This is anly the carrier craft. Management just don’t get it, there bosses decided on the contract and they need to follow. I had a talk with a POOM about violations out our office and he stated that why we have Dispute Resolution Teams. The POOM know that management is violating the contract let just ignore labor. But 1 million dollars each of the last quarter of 2011 in our district alone. Where is the money coming from to pay for the lost grievances and why Mr. Donahue make his District Mangement more responsible for all the lost dollar amount in all the lost grievances. Maybe the public need to know why the post office is truely losing money because of lost grievance that need to be payed to labor and local management recieving pay for performance bonus when the postal service is losing money. The public and congress needs to know on how much things are being payed out. It truely ashame that congress doesn’t see this and the public doesn’t realize that the blue collar worker in the postal service get the shaft. PAT DONAHUE YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND PUT RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT INTO PLACE . TELL CONGRESS HOW YOU DEAL WITH ALL THE GRIEVANCES THAT ARE PAID OUT AND ALL THE BONUS FOR MANAGEMENT WHILE THE SO CALL POSTAL SERVICE IS NOT MAKING MONEY.

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