Goshen, New Jersey Residents Given Two days Notice Of Post Office Closure

Editorial from the Cape May County Herald

Postal Service Did Disservice to Patrons
Consider the action that the U.S. Postal Service took last week against the faithful patrons of the Goshen (N.J. 08218) Post Office. It is not Cape May County’s largest post office, nor is it the tiniest, but the people there have, for decades if not over a century, gathered at that post office to talk about births and deaths, rising taxes and lower employment. However, on Thursday, patrons were notified that, in two days, the office would close. You know how personable our government can be when it wants, well, that’s how it was to the hundreds or more patrons who daily zipped into the lobby at 08218 to their boxes and rush out again, or maybe buy stamps and say hello to the clerk at the window. In effect, “See you later, chump!” Oh yes, and patrons were told they would surrender their box keys at Dennisville. To say the least, the patrons were dumbfounded. No notice was sent to the Herald (or anywhere for that matter), unless it was mailed and never got to us. Stranger things have happened. What does that closing portend for other small post offices in this rural county? Is the day to dawn soon when patrons in Green Creek and South Dennis, Cape May Point and Ocean View will find them in a similar predicament? Is the aim of the Service to wipe out all small offices and serve from large centers like Wildwood, Court House, Woodbine, Rio Grande and Cape May? What is your bet? If this closure is really part of a postal plan to save money, why didn’t the “Service” come out with its grand plan and fully explain what was happening? Why could it not warn patrons where to go and what to do? As stated, actions speak louder than words. The recent closure of Goshen’s post office screams just what the administrators think about the “little people” who buy their stamps and mail their packages. Cheer up, friends. There is strength and immense power in numbers, remember that. Take heart that there is powerful ammo in your wallet. There are other ways to ship parcels and packages, and they are not with the U.S. Postal Service. As we know, two can play any game.

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9 thoughts on “Goshen, New Jersey Residents Given Two days Notice Of Post Office Closure

  1. Turn it over to our Corporate Masters. They will squeeze maximum profits out and junk the rest. Of course, we will all be fired and/or make 2 dollars a day.

  2. I’m sure Fed-Ex is just salivating over the prospect of 28 new toothless customers in the middle of nowhere. NOT

  3. We employees get dumped on daily! They couldn’t care less about us! The harder you work, the more they want! It’s the reason 50% do as little as possible!

  4. Don’t worry, it’ll be great when we take over, fire most of you, no benefits and little pay!

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