NALC Branch: 80+ Carriers Under NRP Returned to Work Will Cost USPS Nearly $2 Million Note: The Letter Carriers cited below were sent home under the USPS “National Reassessment Process”  (which has now been renamed “ELM546″ program). Some of the Letters Carriers have been sent home AGAIN by USPS after only two weeks back at work.

According to Robert Rutter, President, NALC Branch #1111 in its June 2011 Newsletter.

…..”Branch 1111 has put more than 80 Letter Carriers back to work who were put off “No Work Available,” and put back with full back pay and benefits. My rough calculation is that this liability will cost the Bay-Valley District  just for our branch somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million to $2 million. Kind of wipes our Customer Connect. But it should be enough o get somebody promoted!

NALC Branch #1111 is located in Richmond CA and  represents Letter Carriers in most of the Bay Area  :

10 thoughts on “NALC Branch: 80+ Carriers Under NRP Returned to Work Will Cost USPS Nearly $2 Million

  1. I work in a office with 2 nrp carriers, both have been hit by automobiles and can no longer carry mail. I’m shocked that my fellow co-workers have no sympathy for them. Any working letter carrier could be struck down while working, anyone! The people who are injured didn’t just walk out to do their routes looking to get hurt. Do fellow carriers want the families of these carriers to go without income? What kind of twisted minds would like to see these people and their families suffer? And one last thing, at least these injured letter carriers are coming to work trying to earn their pay checks. Remember this sort of thing could happen to anyone!

  2. Amen, barb passage! The other question is, why isn’t this branch going out and telling all the others how they did it?? NRP is a joke. It’s the postal service’s way of getting around firing people, and avoiding a lawsuit.

  3. A $2 million mistake made in sending these 80 carriers home is miniscule compared to the total of hundreds of millions saved by implementation of the NRP.

  4. If you are off collecting payments from OWCP how can you be awarded full back pay? Something smells here, the NALC seems to be similar to Ross…not too smart coming about with mistruths.

  5. Speak my mind! Iam fed-up. I thought we were ALL coming back. Isn’t that what the middleman said (Amb)

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