USPS Pacific Area to offer VER to carriers and clerks

USPS Newsbreak: Voluntary Early Retirement to be offered to carriers and clerks in select locations

In a move to further right-size complement levels to better match workload, the USPS Pacific Area is offering a voluntary early retirement (VER) to carriers and clerks working at select impacted sites and at non-impacted offices within a 50-mile radius of the impacted sites.

VER offer sites and timelines will be announced when the information becomes available.

These changes are part of the Pacific Area efforts to streamline operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs in support of the Postal Service’s action plan to ensure a strong, viable organization now and in the future.

For more information, contact your local Human Resources office.


see PDF of News release

45 thoughts on “USPS Pacific Area to offer VER to carriers and clerks

  1. In my opinion any CSRS employee who works past 41 11 is a fool. You are working for 20% of your pay or less. Love your customers? Deliver the daily new paper for them. You’ll make more at the end. As for the people who are grateful for their jobs and so on. Great. I’m grateful for my job too. I’ve done this job since the 1970 and have gotten by with 2% to 3% raises over the whole time. Sometimes even 4% or 5%, woo hoo! At the same time most people were getting 6% to 10% raises and full medical and dental. Not us, no dental. Hey, who needs teeth to deliver mail? Okay I’ve got security. The last several years things have turned around and I’m actually getting paid pretty well compared to the private sector. Of course lots of people assume I’ve been like this my whole career. Greedy idiots. Tea party people most likely. Although grateful, I haven’t forgotten the fact the management has treated employees and especially city carriers like scum. When we want to be compared to UPS drivers, management says no we are more like pizza delivery boys. On and on. After being treated and spoken to not like valued and trusted employees but like thieving and untrustworthy scum, I have very little love or loyality to the USPS. I’m getting out in October before they can implement a high 5 and lower my retirement with a rule change. All you csrs guys who have more than the maximum hope you don’t get burned but the high 5 rule is coming. You are going to get screwed. One last thing. Just talked to a lady on my route who’s husband is a firefighter and has worked 34 years. He’s thinking of retiring now or waiting one more year. If he retired now he’ll get 93% of his pay. One year more and he gets 98%. I’ve worked 41 years and I get 79%. Yes, there is a big difference between delivering mail and fighting fires but I work 5 or 6 days a week and he works what 3? Also he makes $100,000 a year and I make $54000.

  2. Very Interesting. I must disagree with the post that says CSRS is better than FERS. I will retire in 2013 with 37 Years as a FERS employee. Even at a lower level (Building Maintenance) PS5 I will get over 37% of my high 3 (1600 Plus a month at 52000 Yr.) 1500 a month Thirft Savings and another 1500 a month SS. Of course it is how you invest your $ but I only contributed the 5% that was matched and left it alone. Side by Side at its inception I would have to say that FERS is a bette choice. The reason why I have so many years and not a CSRS is that I also served in the Coast Guard and paid to have that credit (3k). I often have this debate at my office. In addition, I want to retire now but the PO will not let me collect the supplement to SS until MRA in 2013.

  3. I am a CSRS employee and I’m probably one of the few in this format who
    care about the job they do. I’m happy that I work where I do especially
    in todays economy where so many are struggling just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. Our Benefits …if you ‘ve ever had a need to use them are the best out there ( I know this from experience with a Cancer diaganosis and treatment) I personally have a great supervisor..but I have
    seen and heard horror stories about bad managers and Postmasters
    so I’m one of the fortunate to have had a pretty good run. So people, quit
    whining and be grateful you are working with benefits and a paycheck…. If you hate it that much…then leave. Hopefully they will offer a buyout so us oldtimers can leave and you newbees can make the best of it. boo hoo

  4. Hey Hawkie the dumbasses did offer you cash two years ago and anybody who didn t take it is stuck like chuck! I took the money and ran! You snooze and you loose! Wah Wah WAh stop the crying! All you old timers that are waiting for the big buy out,all your gonna get is more wrinkles,less teeth a grayer whiter or balder head.Stay there and rot.Your not gonna get a buy out rather a die out. Every day that goes by your one day closer to the bone yard. Thanks to all those bitter,old,miserable no life csrs workers who contribute to the pension fund! THANK YOU! THAK YOU! THANK YOU! Im laughing at you on the first of every month!

  5. I don’t about all of u but I happen to appreciate my postal job. (started in 89) It has kept a roof over my head and food on my table. I have my concerns and complaints but over all I am thankful. If u do not like this company. U should QUIT!!

  6. I am under civil service and hoping these Dumbasses offer some cold hard cash, and I am out the door. The fers people are screwed and may never be able to retire!

  7. I’ll max out early next year. We CS people don’t give a shit about Potter and all his little suck face flunkies. We have been around a long time and have seen all the bullshit go down. These dumb ass upper level management dont know what the problem is or how to fix it. We are in a better position than any of you FERS people. We bid what we want and get it. That makes things a little bit more tollerable. When you reach the point when you can hang it up at anytime you’ll understand. As far as working past 41 11, it has some benefits. You can make more than 80 percent of your salary with accumulated sick leave. You can carry 440 hours of annual leave and every penny paid into retirement after maxing is paid to you in a lump sum. Besides all of this management is paying out overtime like its candy. So call it what you want, I’ll go when I’m ready. As Jesse James the biker says “Pay up Sucker”. You want us out, it’s going to cost.

  8. No one in there right mind would leave without a cash incentive. Smartin up management, offer the doe, or we don’t go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey PM I’m a csrs employee and I hold 2 of those so called “regular jobs” you say I can’t hold, besides my postal job.I also made a decision over the years not to go after a job like yours because my dignity would not allow me.The person taking my order at the Mcdonalds drive through has more brains and skills then the PM’s I know. Most of whom were given their PM job because they have a brother or relative in a high position.

  10. I’m a Post Master. I’ve met alot of people in the PO that are CSRS, you couldn’t hold a regular job…

  11. I’d say the majority do not have the 40 quarters to qualify for social security. Understand MAJORITY, because you guys have only worked for the postal service all your lives…..

  12. Hey big v a lot of old timers do qualify for social security by getting their quarters outside the post office. They retire and they give up a big chunck of that check by double dipping . Put your brain in gear before you put your mouth in drive moron!

  13. It won’t matter whether you are CSRS or FERS come July of next year. The money will all be spent and the paychecks will stop coming. Then we will all be in a fix together. That is SOLIDARITY!

  14. All you whiners could not get a real job or do 2 hours work. Whine but never quit for a better place.

  15. that place sucks you all like the stress and the misery it causes you stay but no me i would never go back not for nothing. It is a hell hole I worked making minium wage and was treated better and liked my job.

  16. Civil service does not cost more overall. Most of you guys are working for $2.00 an hour, because you are at 41.5 years. You already have 80% of your check in the bank. So basically you are working 4 days a week for free.

  17. CS does not cost the PO more overall. Most of you guys are working for $2.00. This is because you are maxed out on retirement.

  18. Dumbasses: The CS costs the PO more overall. That is why it was done away with government wide.

  19. Us old timer’s can wait out for the cash! We been here this long! Management!
    Pay us now or pay us later!

  20. john potter character is a very lonely person looking for attention and u give it to him….
    ignore sad people, they are crying for attention…

  21. Big V you are absolutely correct. USPS does NOT pay into civil service social security. Civil service gets NO social security at retirement (with no FERS) component, just a higher percent of pay than FERS), old Marvin Runyon (alias) get your facts straight moron.

  22. Marvin, you dipshit. Civil service employees do not pay into social security (7.5%), so the USPS doesn’t have to match that amount. Is this clear enough for you. They are paying 7.5 percent on the FERS employees. This 7.5 percent would be saved by giving the FERS employees vera.

  23. Big V, the post office doesn’t pay social security for for retirees, moron. also you guys leave my pal john potter alone he got his golden parachute so he is obviously another brilliant postal manager.

  24. The offer would have to be good. To leave in this shit economy. Even working for these idiots, its going to take some cash.

  25. The old timers don t want to give up half the social security they are collecting. They will never leave. Tom Wood Ridge N. J.

  26. Hey the way the clerks are treated I’ll take a Cost of Living Raise as my incentive to leave.

  27. keep in mind. this is a vera.. no mention of cash incentive yet.. they should have learned by now. no cash no go.. and yes this needs to be done nation wide…with cash incentive. . and yes potter who comments on here must be a suckass.

  28. Please bring the early outs to the east coast. We’re ready, tired of working for these morons. Who can’t run a car wash let alone a postal facility.

  29. Remember folks. Its cheaper to keep Civil Service, the post office doesn’t have to pay social security on them. The USPS is fiscally better off giving early outs to FERS.

  30. This John Potter character is a piece of work. Every post he /she puts is a slap in the face of postal “workers), he must be a “teachers pet”, because anyone that “works” here has the same opinion about the atrocious policies and manner in which the Postal Service , at “our” level, implements on a daily basis. The local/lower level mgmt. are scrambling to save their own a…. by trying to drum up numbers and false reasons to put the blame solely on te blue collar workers. The way this place is being managed is rediculous, I wouldn’t let these people manage at all, they are dead weight, and the sooner upper management sees “and” does something about it, we are nose diving with no chutes.

  31. They need to offer this in the east coast, we need all these old timers to retire. They have no life.

  32. John Potter we ought to put you out first!!I think we ought to give all of the csrs people nation wide the early out with a cash buy out and see who is left standing.

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