GOP 2012 Presidential hopeful Pawlenty calls for privatizing USPS

Former Minnesota governor and GOP 201 Presidential candidate,Tim Pawlenty delivered a speech Tuesday morning at the University of Chicago, laying out an economic platform that he is calling a “Better Deal” for America.

Pawlenty said that the government should not be involved in any service that is available privately, such as the U.S. Postal Service, Amtrak or mortgages. Pawlenty believes UPS, Fedex offer the same services as USPS.

Trying to appeal to small-government conservatives, Tea Partiers, social conservatives and the like… Pawlenty suggested we apply what he called “The Google Test.”

“If you can find a good or service on the Internet, then the federal government probably doesn’t need to be doing it,” Pawlenty said.

“The post office, the government printing office, Amtrak, Fannie and Freddie were all built for a time in our country when the private sector did not adequately provide those products,” he said. “That’s no longer the case.”

Other remarks by Pawlenty on economics

We didn’t close our schools. Or empty out our prisons. We cut spending where it needed to be cut. We can do the same thing in Washington.

Impounding the money should only be a last resort.  To force policymakers to finally do their jobs. To cut what we don’t need. To allow us to keep the things we need most.

There’s some obvious targets. We can start by applying what I call “The Google Test.” If you can find a good or service on the Internet.     Then the federal government probably doesn’t need to be doing it.

The post office, the government printing office, Amtrak, Fannie and Freddie were all built for a different time in our country.   When the private sector did not adequately provide those services. That’s no longer the case.

What’s more, the same competitive efficiency that revolutionized America’s private sector over the last three decades  should at long last be applied to every corner of the federal bureaucracy as well.

It is no longer enough for government to go on a diet. Government needs to hit the gym.

One efficiency program, Lean Six Sigma, already has a proven track record.  Using performance-based management practices to streamline programs at the CIA and the Pentagon. And as I can personally attest various agencies of the Minnesota state government.

If we applied this approach throughout all federal agencies we could save up to 20% in many programs.

Beyond all of this, the real slog of the next administration will be an unrelenting trench battle against the over-regulation. That’s suffocating America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Conservatives have long made the federal bureaucracy the butt of jokes. And considering that some bureaucrat in Washington is actually in charge of the strength of our showerheads — the vigor of our toilet flushes or the glow of our reading lamp it’s hard not to laugh.

Read Pawlenty’s full remarks

33 thoughts on “GOP 2012 Presidential hopeful Pawlenty calls for privatizing USPS

  1. There are many things the general public are unaware of, including that the U. S. Postal Service is the only Government entity that is not subsidized by taxpayers’ funds- it is required to run off the funds generated by postal stamps, services, and products. The extreme demand put on U. S. Postal Employees is so overwhelming with long hours, huge schemes of addresses to memorize that are frequently updated and/or changed, and stressful atmosphere caused by managements desire to seemingly cause pain and suffering among its employees is proof that the U. S. Government has for some time now wanted to put the Postal Service out of business so that it is no longer the burden of the U. S. Government. The public is unaware of what is really going on and will not know what they have until it is gone. Although this is sad it may be the only way to end the misery that employees endure each day just for the pay and benefits- not worth it if you ask me. $5.00- 20.00 to mail a letter through a privatized postal system would be a rude and sad awakening for everyone, but I truly believe it is near reality.

  2. The post offices losing money should be closed or down sized. If I was in charge
    in a losing money post office, I would set up banks of mail boxes like apartments do outside of the post office. Everyone would get a key to their mail box. The mail would be put in daily or weekly depending upon location and the client would pick up the mail from their box. If packages, a note would be in the box to check at the post office. This would eliminate a number of carriers, to bad for the carriers that hide on their routes, even taking naps. If people can pick up mail 24/7 or whenever they want, but they have to go pick it up. This should help get costs in line. Where does it say that you are entiled to daily mail being delivered to your house etc.

  3. Hmm, no’s nothing about what it does P.O., nor how it’s run, but want’s to privatize it Huh?
    I bet a days pay–you never have worked an “honest Job’ in your lifetime Mr. Pawlently!
    “Another Bottom Feeder in my book”!

    •A fish or other animal that feeds on the bottom of a body of water.
    •One that feeds low on the food chain; a scavenger.

    YEP—that fit’s him pretty much I’d say!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Finally some one who really has a plan and wants to do something.Go Mr.Pawlenty!!
    You don’t have to do deliver to every house everyday cut a day or two. People get so angry when their is change because they are stuck in their own routine’s I agree alot of Postal worker’s are stuffy and arrogant and do act like they are entitled! Come on people America is changing for the worse so lets sit back and watch it roll and who goes by the constitution anyway anymore?? I was told when I went to work for the Postal Service that if you scratch my back I will scratch yours that goes on waaaay too much!! I have seen contractors totally get screwed by the lieing Postal Service!! One thing needs to happen is the Post Masters need to empty their own trash cans instead of paying a contractor to do it!


  6. Wage Slave’s name speaks to his own self image, I work at the same USPS he does and would never demean our work by calling myself a “wage slave”

    What we do at the USPS is no McJob. When I send the care packages to our troops in Irag/Afghanistan, helping the families understand how their love sent via the USPS will indeed find their soldier/salior/marine no matter how far out front they are, it’s not “wage slave” work. It’s an honor to do it.

  7. Melanie; Need an amendment to constitution to eliminate burning-wasting money on a service time has changed.. The USPS has ceased to be the communicator-connect people as its core mission was when Ben Franklin was PMG. There may be a place for the USPS in today’s society but it is not to connect people for personal communication as times have changed. Advancement in technology has created advancements in communicating process. Newspapers delivered via the USPS has declined as news dissemination is instant via satellite communication on CNN, FOX, and even on local level. The truth is the USPS does not deliver to ever household daily. Mail volume is declining and will continue to do so as the younger generation are schooled in computer use and the INTERNET in everyday life. The use of the USPS by individuals is no longer a
    consideration as their brains are schooled in electronic means of connecting in social and business use. New APPS are being introduced continually. The use of the USPS is as a means for companies to advertise sales and products by placing in physical mailbox. Online E Marketing will in time diminish junk mail from a physical mailbox.
    Companies depend on earnings created by revenue generation that exceed cost.. The USPS operates at billions $$ loss quarterly and Congress does nothing to eliminate wasted cost such as closing nonessential offices or eliminating Sat. route mail delivery.. Cost effective operations means nothing as
    the monetary loss will be covered. Need A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to eliminate water DEBT that serves no purpose to the American public in today’s
    staying connected process. Maintaining USPS in this day and age is comparable to not allowing electric light to replace a candle or kerosene lamp.. GET REAL USPS SHOULD BE HISTORY. as it is presently operated.

  8. Privatize? Who are you people? It would be a disaster. The postal service is not going belly up. Only conservative, no fact hacks run around spouting nonsense on these various stories inc. Pawlenty. He is a moron and left his state in shambles. I agree with Slave wage.

  9. Why not privatize our government. Let a corporation run it. It could not be run any worse

  10. Does he actually think UPS or FedEx can deliver to every house in the United States economically? We deliver half of their packages now!

  11. No, Don’t privatize! I mean everything is fine. How could anyone run the Postal Service any better than it is being run? I assume you are worried about our jobs. Well I am too and with the current situation we aren’t going to have any jobs. In case you haven’t looked lately, the Postal Service in going belly up.

  12. Hmmm, let’s do a “Google test” on whore/prostitutes/people who sell themselves for money. Yep there are countless numbers on the net, guess we don’t need politicians; after all Timmy said if u can find on the net the government doesn’t need it.


  14. Hey pawlenty,

    When you’re done talking your gibberish to the idiot Republican followers.. Come down to Lancaster,Pa and BLOW ME!!!!!!

    What private company in America can take us over? NOBODY!!!!!! That means for every post office in America and all U.S. territory’s.. That company would have to start paying Federal, State, Local and the local school district property taxes.. That company would never make a profit!!! That’s why the UPS and FedEx would never touch us.. All Federal buildings are tax- exempt…. Do your fuckin research first.. Just what me need. Another stupid politician!!!!

  15. pawlenty is showing why he is not a creditable candidate for office, any office. if he wants to trim, start with the abuses in the senate and congress.

  16. And who is going to deliver millions of political advertisements? And on top of that pay standard rates and get first class service. The post office need to charge first class mail rates if they are in fact,which they are, for political mail.

    Could you imagine what it would cost to send a letter from New York to California if you have to go thru 2 or more private companies.

    The post office does have many problems. I work at Sacramento and we have 40 staff cars sitting in the parking lot. Can anyone explain that?

  17. More garbage from the PARTY OF NO.
    “lastbesthope” is a big fan of THE CONSERVATIVES.

    The “CONSERVATIVE WAY” is the way of the DINOSAUR.

    The CONSERVATIVE WAY is the desire to turn the clock
    back to the late 1800’s…a time when there WERE FEW
    LAWS TO PROTECT WORKERS who were at the mercy
    of the large companies run by RUTHLESS millionaires
    who made large fortunes on the backs of American workers
    and gave them starvation “wages” and nothing else.

    Anyone who works as AN HOURLY WAGE EMPLOYEE
    has absolutely NOTHING in common with CONSERVATIVES.

    Pawlenty is another clown face that added himself to the list
    of passengers currently riding around the country IN THE GOP
    “CLOWN CAR”, trying to drum up support in their efforts to take
    the country back to the STONE AGE….whoops, I keep comparing
    “Bush” to Barney Rubble….sorry….they’re both simpletons.

  18. Hey Pawlenty…FedX and UPS doesn’t want to go into the US Postal Business. Thats means, every house everyday. Thats why the US Postal Service delivers UPS and Fed-X priority mail. You just made a rookie mistake comment!

  19. The Post Office is specifically called for in the Constitution. Can’t do it without an amendment.

  20. You’re a joke. You and these dopey candidates are just echoing the stupid nonsense Fake News puts out. You don’t know what the f**k you are talking about, you stupid f**king flat earth moron!!

  21. I don’t think Moody’s has a rate that low. And the government thinks it can run health care. What a joke.

  22. USPS would not get a buyer. The demand for its products and services no longer in demand. Communication has evolved from a manual handwritten physical delivery system with a 2-3 delivery time. Advanced technology has created the INTERNET to connect people and business instantly without purchasing a stamp to deposit in the USPS for a 1-3 day delivery time..The USPS primary product is bulk standard advertising mail . E Marketing will eventually will eventually diminish . USPS has no cost control: congress will not take action to eliminate wasted cost in eliminating
    non needed offices and excessive delivery days. Sat. route delivery is a total waste non essential to keeping people communicated via delivering junk mail on Sat..PRC and Congress have totally failed to take any action to make the USPS cost effective. USPS could maybe subcontract with FED X and UPS in delivering parcels and expedited packages. .

    What rating would Moody s give the USPS ?

  23. Ah the time has come for YOU to wake UP! The NEW world order is in action.
    Dont matter if your good or bad, work or not, the powers are here to enslave us
    all. Sorry ,,,but over half of Americans are idiots and VOTE ha ha ha ha .Majority voted YES for the new contract, ate thier young, did not fight, sooooooooooooo
    the people have spoken, NOW PAY for your votes! I feel sorry for NO one who
    dont stand up and FIGHT, the wrong side of the sword will be in YOU!
    I am ashamed to be of this generation, we gave up all for what our forefathers gave up all for. A PITY!!!!!

  24. Really dont have to privatize, just down size. Take all the post offices and turn control over to each state, save a ton. the workers become state workers not federal. Just leave the distribution centers under fed control for interstate transportation of mail. The states would get a boost from stamp sales, increasing income to states. The security for post office would become state problem, save a ton eliminating the need for all the PI and postal police, postal maangers

    down size

  25. The Post Office can not operate like a business. Large profitable offices subsidize smaller non profitable offices. That is why it cost 44 cents to send a letter from Virgin Islands to Hawaii. If privatized, businesses have to make a profit, so the same letter from large post offices might be 44 cents, but for smaller offices could more than triple the price because the owner of the large office is not going to subside the smaller one.. For example to mail a letter from Hoonah, Alaska would be a lot more expensive than from The Bronx, NY. How expensive? Depends on how big the bonus for the CEO. The bigger the bonus for the CEO the more money Pawlenty will get for his campaign. Who benefits? Pawlenty and big bussiness. Who suffers? The majority of the US population. This is just a small example, the same would be for Priority and Express etc.etc.

  26. Too many postal employees consider their job as an entitlement. I personally know people who provides a couple of hours ‘work’ for eight hours pay. Their stinking laziness is only made worse by their stinking attitude. VMF facilities close because 2 % of the employees are doing the work. The sad thing about this facility is the ones that caused the closure took the early out. The ones concerned about their jobs and did the work, now have to drive to another facility, miles away. Damn, whatever happened to reaping what you sow. To sum up this thread, don’t get comfortable with the postal service as you know it today, because we are in for some drastic changes, where contracts will not mean a thing. Enjoy your entitlement while you can. Better start paying down debt and stock up groceries.

  27. This Pawlenty blueprint for recovery after Obama is done with US has a much bigger audience than the one Lu characterizes with the snark: “Trying to appeal to small-government conservatives, Tea Partiers, social conservatives and the like”

    ….unless “and the like” includes the 2-1 majority who believe our country is heading in the wrong direction. (WaPo/ABC News poll released today 6/7/11)

    Use the link provided. Read the speech in its entirety. Decide for yourself.

  28. We can find mercenaries on the Internet, I guess we should privatize the military too. Considering how terrible our economy has been the last 30 years(.since our jobs have all moved to other countries) I’m not sure he should be using it as an example to prove his point. It proves just the opposite .

    I think all the Republican s in DC should start with themselves and cut their staff and eliminate their government expenses , like cars. Take a bus or train.

  29. He needs to know more about the Postal Service before he goes trying to change a bunch of things. Obviously he’s spouting off at the mouth without all the knowledge. Sounding more like that airhead Sarah Palin, huh? Let me tell you something, I can assure you that UPS or FedEx will not deliver a letter for 44 cents. They would slam the door in your face. You may not think you use the postal service but I am sure we will see plenty of post cards with your face on it come through the mail stream in mass forces when you start campaining for office. Just like all elections, we see tons of mail going to every registered voter. There are plenty of people out there that use the USPS every day, and I not only work there I use them too. So before you say we are no longer needed, stop thinking of just yourself and your needs look around at those of us that prefer that method of bill payments and correspondence!

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