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The following is a Notice Of Opportunity To Apply For PSE Vacancies in Manchester, New Hampshire courtesy of Stephen Smith via reader .  The pay scale for PSEs ranges from level 3 up to level 8. (TNA p. 168)  has also included the Memorandum of  Understanding on Postal Support Employees. According to the APWU contract PMR usage was banned in EAS 18 offices as well; not just EAS 16 and 15 post offices. (TNA p. 186)

From the USPS Notice Of Opportunity:

The United States Postal Service is looking nationwide to hire temporary Postal Support Employees that are highly skilled and motivated for the following positions:

Clerks, Data Conversion Operators
Markup Clerk Automated
Building Maintenance Custodians
Maintenance Support Clerks
Maintenance Mechanics
Garageman/Junior Mechanics
Automotive Mechanics
Motor Vehicle Operators
Tractor Trailer Operators
Administrative Clerks
Tools & Parts

Testing is required for all positions

The USPS is pleased to inform you of opportunities for employment as a Postal Support Employee (PSE). PSEs are a new category of non·career employee established to provide the USPS with flexibility.PSEs will be appointed for a term not to exceed 360 calendar days. If there is still an operational need, a PSE may be reappointed for another not to exceed 360 day term after a five-day break In service. PSE employees wl1l enjoy benefits including raises. health benefits and leave. The starting pay for these positions will be 514.60 per hour.

USPS Notice of PSE Jobs in NH

7 thoughts on “USPS notice to apply For Postal Support Employee

  1. Dear Cliff Guffey,

    I am writing this letter to inform you of how disappointed I am in you & the New Collective Bargaining Agreement.
    As a disabled veteran it seems that the new CBA will destroy hopes of many disabled & non disabled veterans. You have now created an unlimited probation period for many people who fought for this country & gave us the many freedoms we all cherish. As a disabled Veteran it was very hard to go thru 90 days of probation. What will it bring now? You have now taken away the grievance process for them. But I am sure you will say: grievances can be filed and as soon as they are, the postal service will fire that veteran for some reason. How do I know this because it happened to me? I am proud to say the Local Union won me my job back. Had I been hired under your new CBA I would no longer have a job.
    I hope you are proud of what you have done for the True Americans that have served this country!

    Thanks again for the f%^&ing that they are about to recieve……

  2. What has happened? Nobody can proof read anymore? I can’t even read the newspaper online without finding typos. Really goes to show why other countries excel at everything. Americans have gotten lazy….. at everything. Just pitiful!

  3. “The starting pay for these positions will be 514.60 per hour.”
    Where do I sign up?

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