NAPUS: Many Postmaster Reliefs (PMR) Notified Their Jobs Will Be Terminated

note: PSE is a new position under the APWU contract. “The PSE work force will be comprised of noncareer, bargaining unit employees, which is the only category of noncareer employees established to work within APWU bargaining units.”

National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS) – This past week, many PMR’s in EAS-15 & 16 offices received a notice that their current positions would be terminated on August 23, 2011, but they would be given a special opportunity to apply for the newly created Postal Support Employee (PSE) position. PSEs are a new category of non-career employee, who will be appointed for a term not to exceed 360 calendar days. Based on operational needs, a PSE may be re-appointed for another not to exceed 360 day term after a 5 day break in service. PSE employees will be entitled to benefits including raises, health benefits and leave, with a $12 to $15.85 hourly wage range.

NAPUS leaders will meet with USPS officials on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 to discuss the PSE position and how it will impact PMR’s and the coverage of Postmasters on their non-scheduled days and leave replacement periods. Postal Headquarters officials will also brief NAPUS leaders on details of the recently ratified APWU contract agreement. The recently issued letter to PMR’s appears to have been prematurely released by USPS Headquarters prior to any discussion with the leaders of the two Postmaster organizations, but PMR’s who received the letter are encouraged to apply for PSE vacancies as instructed in the letter.

PMR’s are encouraged to visit the NAPUS website after the Tuesday meeting to receive additional details on the PSE opportunities.

Charlie Moser

June 3, 2011

USPS, APWU MOU from the current contract

Re: Postal Support Employee

The parties agree to the following general principles concerning Postal Support (PSE) employees:

1. General Principles
a. The PSE work force will be comprised of noncareer,bargaining unit employees, which is the only category of non career employees established to work withinAPWU bargaining units.

b. PSEs will be hired for a term not to exceed 360 calendar days and will have a break in service of at least 5 days,if reappointed.

c. Leave provisions for PSEs are included in Attachment A

d. For PSE percentage use allowances, see Article7.1.B.e. The Postal Service will provide a report every four week reporting period with information needed to monitor compliance with the provisions above, i.e., the total number of career bargaining unit employees and PSEs by craft, function, installation and District.

f. The transitional employee and casual category of supplemental employees will be eliminated within three (3) months of the effective date of this Agreement.

11 thoughts on “NAPUS: Many Postmaster Reliefs (PMR) Notified Their Jobs Will Be Terminated

  1. 11 and 13 PMR’s will remain. A PMR in a 15 office should check to see if the PSE test will be given for your area; you must take the test to get on the roster. But, if there are hours in that office that would allow a NFTE position, it should go to a career clerk. The PMR should have been clerk jobs all along and were in the past but were moved into a cheaper and more easily replaced non-career PMR status. Lower pay, no benefits and no guarantee of a permanent position. Is that what a PMR wants? If you want to know the guidelines, read the new APWU contract.

  2. I’m very confused! I am a level 15 PMR and received my letter that my job will be terminated effective Aug 23rd I have been a PMR for 3 yrs come Aug 18th. First of all what the heck is a PSE? Does this mean I will do the same job I am doing now with just a different title or is this a new assignment? Is this full time or part time? I have heard that they will be eliminating the postmasters who did not take the early out retirement…is this true? I also would like to know if anyone out there knows why aren’t the PSE positions posted yet to apply for it? I am virtually lost and wish someone could explain some of this to me.. I dont even know if I have a job as they letter states I would have to “apply”.. this sounds like to me having to start all over again! Ugh! I really would like to stay employed in the USPS but the BS is unreal & unheard of sometimes! I am also wanted to know did every level 15/level 16 PMR’s get one or only selected ones and if it is only selected ones…what makes one more special then the other? Why only level 15/16? Why is everyone so angry about the new PSE position? I feel like I am already being hated for something I had/have no control over… I didnt do this. I actually like being a PMR! Why cant they just leave things alone?

  3. Actually the young people on my route look forward to me coming on Saturdays…so they can get their unemployment check. Don’t say they can use an App or their smartphone for that!

    PS I do think unemployment checks can be delivered monday-friday however!

  4. How about giving dome Vets this so called “Special Opportunity” .Where in our contract does it state there will be Special Opportunities for management to undercut the regular work force. Come on guys what the heck is really going on here?

  5. Congress needs to do its job. Conservative congressmen are ignoring the plight of the USPS and giving in to groups pressure such as craft unions, postmaster league as well as Politics, Parties and Pressure groups.
    The Postal Service only purpose is to deliver junk mail. USPS needs to model FED X, UPS, business plan.. The day for the need of Postal Service in delivering personal communication is history. The INTERNET connects instantly without buying a postage stamp and awaiting a 1-2 delivery time. USPS is a fossil of the dinosaur age. The younger generation does not even consider the USPS in personal or business communication as they cannot even remember or think there was a time without the INTERNET OR SMART TEXTING CELL PHONES.

  6. Excellent; offices need closing that are within 4-5 miles in suburbans areas that were once rural. Changing demographics and modern transportation has eliminated the need for many once called rural offices. The southeast, Atlanta District, is a prime example. Congress needs to do its job and close offices that are within 2-3 miles of a city station.
    Sat, route mail delivery is a total waste. The use of 192,000 vehicles and delivery personnel in delivering bulk advertising mail and non expedited parcels is a TOTAL WASTE. Cost effective operations must be employed as revenue will continue to decline as demand for Postal products and services will decline as advanced technology continues in INTERNET, SMART PHONES-TEXTING and new APPS yet to be.
    USPS needs an early out in the crafts; down to age 50 with a 1% reduction under 55 yrs. of age or OPM could drop penalty which would benefit USPS in long run as
    replace personnel with TEs and work within 4-5 offices within 25 mile radius as is presently being done: one category no RCAs, PTFs, a TE seniority system for all delivery crafts. Continue to adjust routes with declining volumes by adding deliveries. Maximize automation; use offices with 2 run DUBCS to work area mail processing concept.

  7. Why are they being hired back as PSE? Why are we not using craft employee’s, Relief & Pool Clerk, as the contract states, to relieve Post Masters for leave. After all, a Post Master in a small office is just a glorified part time window clerk and part time manual clerk. They don’t really manage or supervise anything.

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