USPS Offering Retirement Incentives To Some Supervisors in NY, Honolulu, NJ, Carribbean Districts

The Postal Service is offering a version of the Special Incentive Offer announced earlier this year limited to supervisors, Customer Services, and supervisors of Distribution Operations, in seven districts.

The districts affected are: Caribbean, Honolulu, Long Island, New York, Westchester, Triboro and Northern New Jersey.

According to Human Resources (HR), the affected districts have an exceptionally high number of supervisors but no placement opportunities within their commuting areas. In order to limit the impact on these employees, the Postal Service is extending its Limited Special Incentive Offer to supervisors of Customer Services and Distribution Operations who are VER-eligible, optional retirement-eligible or those who want to voluntarily leave USPS.

USPS has mailed annuity estimates and incentive offer packets to eligible supervisors in the seven Districts.

June 30 is the irrevocable date for VER-eligible employees as well as the opt-in deadline for optional retirement and voluntary resignation under the Limited Special Incentive Offer. The VER-Optional-Resignation effective date is July 31.

Information about the Limited Special Incentive Offer will not be posted on the Organizational Changes website. Instead, local area and district HR managers will advise employees on details about timelines and guidance.

Chart: 2011 Organization Change Process Timeline (PDF)

source: USPS News Link

4 thoughts on “USPS Offering Retirement Incentives To Some Supervisors in NY, Honolulu, NJ, Carribbean Districts

  1. All craft employees are excellent workers, and need no supervision at all. They take the high road everyday and step up on their own to get the job done. We can never point a finger at any mail handler, clerk or carrier because they are always on top of their game !

    Not !!!!

    Its not just EAS , look in the mirror

  2. Mismanagement is stacking themselves up in NJ Metro, maintenance has 5 supervisors, 2 maintenance managers, 1 assistant maintenance manager, 1 engineer manager. Plus a whole slew of do nothing EAS employees running around. Our stupidvisors are runnning around doing craft work like trouble shooting with test equipment and making up there own rules as they go along. That’s just on tour 2. Tour 3 has their own level 21 maintenance manager and a slew of there own stupidvisors. These guys are killing us.

  3. Its the same problem here at ISC/JFK, these supervisors I call them bozos are just terrible, really do not know anything, its really a shame. I feel sorry for the plant manager Mr. Charles Conti, he is stuck with these bozos, that do nothing all day , There is one MDO that really knows his work and that is Michael Mostak who is on tour three. He knows alot about the mail just like Ms. Adele Bohl did.

  4. Mid-Island PD&C LI,NY 117/119 mismanagement filled with nepotism and uneducated low life’s that could not manage a hot dog stand……..they put the D in dysfuctional. instead of reading wall street journel or business week, they read playboy….any wonder that we are losing billions of dollars. a ship with out a rudder and the fish rots from the head down…explains everything!

    RIF mismanagement by 60%!

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