Guffey Encourages Postal Veterans To Spread the Word About New Job Opportunities

APWU Web News Article 066-2011, June 1, 2011

APWU President Cliff Guffey is encouraging postal workers who have served in the armed forces to reach out to fellow veterans and encourage them to take advantage of new hiring opportunities.

“The APWU negotiated a Collective Bargaining Agreement that will create thousands of new employment opportunities for veterans, and we need your help to ensure veterans are hired,” Guffey said in a May 27 letter. [PDF]

In many instances, the Postal Service is obligated to hire veterans before civilians, provided they are on the appropriate hiring register, Guffey said. Veterans should be educated about the benefits of being a postal employee and encouraged to take the necessary tests to be considered for employment.

“We want to make sure that veterans across the nation are on the list when hiring begins,” he said.

Along with the letter, the union included a short tutorial that explains how veterans can conduct job searches and apply for new positions.

“We are proud to be able to offer employment opportunities to the thousands of men and women who serve our country in these tough economic times,” Guffey said. “I ask all members to reach out to veterans who are looking for work.

source: APWU

5 thoughts on “Guffey Encourages Postal Veterans To Spread the Word About New Job Opportunities

  1. Dear Fellow Veterans:

    The postal service denied me employment in March 1988 claiming Medical

    I later found out that the main reason that I was not hired was pursuant too
    the postal service claim appeal filing too the U.S. Office of Personnel
    Management (USOPM) whom release such too me out of revenge for (the postal service) hiring me later on that such was actually based upon its secret postal service medical health regulation ELM-806 Section 152.3!

    U.S. Postal Service regulation ELM-806 Section 152.3 has a effective stamped
    date of 1-12-1982.

    The USOPM Upheld the postal service decision not too hire me on August 22,

    The Postal Service NEVER disclosed during the time period regarding such
    regulation of restrictions and probations. My working hours were limited too
    2.5 hours a day via via 6 days a week. I had a family.

    I, have experience such in filing a complaint/appeal regarding ELM-806 Section
    152.3 before the Chicago IL MSPB Appeal Board, Judge Howard J. Ansorge.

    But too no avail. Mental disability, retaliation, conspiracy, mail fraud, collusion,
    etc. Buy the way, as in past security, law enforcement, administrative law offiical may favor may think is conspiracy!

    The postal service has many, many tricks and schemes including buying off
    one’s atty without the plaintiff knowledge.

    I have been battling since 1989.

    The U.S. EEOC, U.S. MSPB, U.S. Courts will not address such regulation. In
    other word, you can argue that you atty sold you out, but they will not here you
    out. They think you are crazy!

    Finally, I have an EEO contact with the Postal Service dated March 17, 1989 which
    I am trying too have re-en-forced.

  2. I have a question for the Union is the USPS still going to use the rule of three and obtain medical records on all three applicants for one position? And claim they have the right to obtain these medical records because they have given them a “conditional job offer”!
    Please by all means someone form the union explain this question. If you have three applicants for one position, obtain medical records on all three but only hire one of the three, does that not make a pre-employment medical inquiry on the two non-selected for that one position? Or do they get an automatic OPM review? Or do they just make up a bogus reason not to have to mess with OPM procedure?
    This is what I have been fighting against for the past 26 years. They say they have the right to obtain medical records on all applicants they give a “conditional job offer “ to including the use of the PS 2488 form but they never tell the truth why they want it. Could it be that the reason is to screen out the veterans with the most costly disabilities that will need medical treatment and only hire the ones they can get a better insurance premium on. No, that could not be the reason of course.
    It looks like to me that they have succeeded in removing health care form disabled veterans. Let’s see how many they rehire after the first year. This will save them money alright this is a deal for who again?

    The Union should require the USPS to offer a job in writing before they obtain the veterans or any other applicants medical information including the non-competitive applicants!!
    Once the USPS gets approval of the Hill v USPS Settlement Agreement look out ,it will be open season on disabled veterans. I wish the Union would intercede themselves into the class action so the issue of when is a job offer really a job offer could be set in stone.
    So what happens when a current employee who wants to transfer into an open position do they have to take a cut in pay or lose their health benefits for one year and still be subjected to approval for more then one year? Who voted for this and thinks it is a great idea?

  3. That is a very good question johnd. Hiring of the new PSE’s (postal support employee) is a little premature. But let me deduce this. IF veterans are being encouraged to apply for the lower paying PSE postions, AND veterans have priority over civilians in the USPS, even though PSE’s are considered NON-CAREER, is there any possibility when cut backs are made the vets can stay as opposed to career? Which can give the USPS the reduced wage work force they are seeking. The PSE positions are brand new and unfamiliar to many of us, I dont know if there are any loop holes that may apply to this situation making it a possibility or not. Yet, as you stated,there are going to be many misplaced workers with the consolidations. The call by Guffy for the hiring of vets to PSE positions seems a little to soon…and I may be just suspicious of the politics of it all.

  4. I would only recommend congress , the president and all his economic terrorists for employment in USPS. Then they could experience the uncertainty from office closures from this pissy economy they have created.

  5. With all the talk of consolidation and cutting delivery (possible 5 days) you will have a lot of clerks and carriers looking for jobs. How do you hire when you have all these people looking for spots?

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