Postal Service sends out 2,400 Reduction-in-force notices

Federal Times – More than 2,400 U.S. Postal Service management-level employees could lose their jobs or end up in new positions under a reduction in force set to conclude by early September. The RIF is part of a nationwide reorganization aimed at streamlining the ranks of postmasters, front-line supervisors and administrators by 7,500 positions.

 Federal Times –Postal Service sends out 2,400 RIF notices

3 thoughts on “Postal Service sends out 2,400 Reduction-in-force notices

  1. i will believe it when i see it at my workstation.!! By the way…. i received in the mail the other day, how the usps will be hiring the new workers, by the thousands. What gives with that??? It is awful, promissing all these new jobs that are going to pay like 12 dollars, with no benefits. New workers are going to work 360 days, and that is it. Is it fair to say, there goes the quality of mailservice to our customers. Save money for other things, instead of your old tv commercials, about – if it fits, it ships.

  2. That would be “lose” their jobs. And shut down that whole bloated Elephant Plaza.

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