USPS To Send “Specific RIF Notices” To Employees Affected By Reduction In Force

Friday, May 27, Human Resources (HR) will mail “Specific RIF Notices” to employees affected by reductions in force (RIFs) conducted in competitive areas impacted by the 2011 Organizational Redesign process.

Below is information about the Notice — including the reasons why not all employees will receive one.

Earlier this month, HR — using information available at the time — conducted the RIF process as necessary in impacted competitive areas. After completing the process, HR prepared Specific RIF Notices for the following groups of employees:

* Employees who did not receive an assignment and will be separated effective at close of business on Sept. 9, 2011.
* Employees who received a demotion to a lower-grade position, which will be effective Sept. 10, 2011.
* Employees who were reassigned to a same-grade position, which will be effective Sept. 10, 2011.

Specific RIF Notices can take up to 1 week to reach employees. HR is mailing each notice Certified Mail with a return receipt that requires a signature.

If you didn’t fall within one of the employee categories identified above at the time the RIF process was conducted, you will not be sent a May 27 Specific RIF Notice. However, as can happen during any organizational transition, circumstances can change in a competitive area even after Specific RIF Notices already have been mailed. For example, an employee’s preference eligibility status may change, affecting others in the preference-eligible employee’s competitive area.

Employees who are sent Specific RIF Notices with assignments to another position effective Sept. 10 will be mailed a PS Form 50 in mid-September reflecting their new assignments. However, employees may be expected to begin performing the duties of their RIF assignments prior to Sept. 10. Managers will discuss these details with their employees.

Employees who meet eligibility requirements as indicated in the postings can apply for vacancy announcements that will begin appearing June 14 in eCareer.

An impacted employee’s entitlement to grade and pay retention during the 2011 Organizational Redesign Process is in accordance with current provisions in Section 415 of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual. These provisions can be found in the May 19, 2011 Postal Bulletin and in the “Grade and Pay Retention” section of the Organizational Change/RIF FAQs posted on the Organizational Changes website. Employees can go to this website from Blue or LiteBlue for Redesign information including timelines, FAQs and additional guidance.

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source: USPS News Link