Could USPS shut down for good in July 2012?

Rate hike in Jan 2012? What is Going On?  Twitter was busy today with Tweets about a USPS  shutdown.

From Courier, Express, and Postal Observer:

The Wall Street Journal has reported that a number of private sector economic forecasters are toning down their economic forecast for the rest of 2011. Slower economic growth is not good for the USPS as it means less revenue across all mail classes. Slower economic growth is one of the factors that CFO Joe Corbett noted which could cause a July 2012 shut down date to happen sooner when he spoke at MTAC today.

From Non ProfitPostal

Assuming no legislation, & no worse news, the USPS starts shutting down July 2012 when it runs out of operating cash. (heard at MTAC) (nonprofitpostal)

Joe Corbett, USPS CFO says $15B debt limit will be reached Oct 15 when a wkr’s comp pmt is due. (at MTAC) @RepDennisRoss#nonprofitpostal

USPS CFO (at MTAC) says USPS will lose $8.3B in 2011, compared to original projections of $6.4B. Says that legislative reform is needed. Postcom2

Without legislative help? -All of them. And soon. RT @PostCom2 How many federal and postal employees are eligi… (cont)

nonprofitpostal Alive and well!

Assuming no legislation, & no worse news, the USPS starts shutting down July 2012 when it runs out of operatin… (cont)<

Paul Vogel, USPS Pres & CMO, CSO speaking to Mailer’s Technical Advisory Cmmtte AC #nonprofitpostal

I smell the smoke of rate incr kindling RT @PostCom2 Court asks PRC to look at narrow part of original USPS decision

23 thoughts on “Could USPS shut down for good in July 2012?

  1. If things are so bad why is the Hartford, CT post office trying to eliminate the day shift and move employees to a shift that pays a shift differential.

  2. One supervisor for the clerks, one for the carriers, one for both of the others? all she does is cross her arms and stare at us. That is well worth 70,000 plus a year, right? And none of them will answer a phone. They put it on hold and leave it. Customer service? That was the first thing to be cut.

  3. PRC and Congress will not allow USPS to revamp,adjust to supply-demand declines, deal with cost effective factors, eliminate total wasted cost such as Sat. route delivery, closing of non needed offices, and loosing BILLIONS $$$ QUARTERLY. Congress will not allow USPS to cease to exist nor will it do anything to provide a stable financial status based on demand and needs of American mail consumer which is primarily receiving advertising mail although the trend is moving to E MAIL MARKETING. DEBT LADEN USPS PROVIDES EMPLOYMENT AND CONGRESS IS CONCERNED WITH GAME OF POLITICS AND IS WILLING TO PAY WHATEVER $$$ NECESSARY TO PLAY POST OFFICE..

  4. I agree w/Sam and the 1st Cav.We don’t need to trim labor,we need to get rid of the of the 95 postal asswipe vice presidents making 185+ yearly plus benefits.I want to know what there retirement package is going to be?Also when these new machines go online to screw my brother and sister carriers out of a job,who is going to fix them and will retired mgmt still get a kickback after they are gone.Oh by the way F U potter and zack.The union helped you get the way of life you have today.Don’t you realize that asswipes!!!

  5. Fact: The PO is a billion and a half ahead over the last 4 years without the pre-payment. No other entity in the history of the world has been required to pay something like this.

  6. I doubt any one would want an early buy when it is likely the USPS can’t make payment. The USPS needs to become part of Home Land Security. The alternative is to privatize and allow terrorism free access to the mail system. Defense spending is never able to make money. Also contracts are signed in paper – identity theft is too hard to prevent, especially via electronic media. Look at all the credit card theft and stolen personal information and see what I mean … the post office is really a government entity and stamps are more like a recessive tax then any business.

  7. I retired in October of last year I held an upper level management position, I had to leave because I had no more fight left in me, I just could not fight the corrupt system that is filled with nepitism, favoritism, and these idiots had no idea what they were doing, this stats at the very top with that FAT ASS potter, when I heard he was retiring, I thought this will be a good thing for the USPS, I was wrong they turn around and make this Stupid Salami PMG this two only talk about service never do they talk about generating revenue, there are 10s of thousands of people that spend there entire day trying to improve service by 100th of a percent, what needs to be done is every Vice president PMG and every other direct report needs to be fired, they have been succesful in destroying a excellent institution, all they talk about is cut cut cut, when I left we were already cutting into bone, these pcs of crap need to go ASAP, that is the only way the USPS will survive.

  8. If it shuts down in July 2012, we’ll only be 6 months without a postal service (12-21-12)

  9. I am a Postal employee and a Customer, I don’t want to be stuck having to use the internet when I pay bills, because no matter what you are using to protect your PC and Security, people can hack your stuff and take your information. At least when you send your bills throught the Postal Service you have a paper trail to go back to just n case. Just saying.

  10. These same individuals speak of privatization, as soon as they privatize how long will it be before all patrons are forced to curbside/cluster delivery? Not long, the Post Office can not survive without covering more ground with less people, and to boot there are more delivery points every year. Private companies such as FedEx and UPS deliver 5 days a week with a premium charge for saturday delivery not because they want to but because it cost more than there is demand. It is time to face the facts if the PO doesnt change with the times and the union doesnt except the facts we ALL will be looking for jobs!

  11. I’d also like to smack the he** out of the alarmist clown who came up with the title of the article. “ZOMG the world is ending and no more post office” kind of title. The words ‘for good’ were what annoyed me. Please. Gotta love those cheap National Enquirer tactics.

  12. CSRS buy-out and 5 day delivey is the only way to go.Save 1 day of fuel and labor,and give thhe top tier of wage and benifit employees incentive to leave . Some times you have to spend money to make it or keep loosing @600 per month like you have been.Also Management has to many redundant and high wage earners that are not needed.

  13. Oh and for the ‘privatization’ lovers, do you REALLY believe that handing over the postal system to some greedy corporations (for example: ENRON, BP, a multitude of banks, etc) is a good idea? First thing they would do is decide whether it’s “worth” delivering to places that are unprofitable or inconvenient. You may find yourself in a ‘no service’ area, like cell-phones. Paying pennies for wages, profit-hoarding, off-shore accounts, embezzlement, outrageous bonuses for the top guys. Heck, why not just grab all the money, divide it up among the execs, and skip town? Move to someplace warm and sunny with no extradition laws. Good call boys. You gotta think this stuff through a little more. Privatization isn’t a good idea for everything.

  14. Good idea, Potter-Boy! Let’s turn the post office into a high turn-over, minimum-wage job..for the joe employees, of course. Management can keep everything they have and reap the profits and bonuses. It’s better if the mail is handled by an 18 year old who may or may not bother to show up for his worthless job (hey, Mickey D’s might decide to pay more). Or to have the 19 year old girl walk out on the job because her bf sent her a breakup text. Or the college dropout who decides he doesn’t give a damn whether the mail goes to its destination or Guam because his fat, coffee-sipping boss is giving him grief. What’re they gonna do? Fire him? Oooohhh..scary.

  15. Government sucks! The competative private sector always does better. Get rid of government, and we can all be FREE again.

  16. just do it, because they will not address the problems to much management allowed to mismanage, so it is what it is.

  17. no surprise here……mismanagement has a death grip on keeping the good old boy system operating at full power. 100,000 apwu clerk jobs have been cut in last 5 years…….no management positions have been cut.(a lot just moved around)

    they hoped they could ride out the depression but that is not going to work……cut mismanagement by 25%. do you really need 95 Postal Vice-Presidents making 185K each?

    stop spending billions on automated machines that do not work….who is getting kickback $$$$$$?

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