APWU Tentative Guidelines For Effective Dates of New Contract

The new APWU and USPS collective bargaining agreement will be signed on Monday, May 23rd. Below is a timeline of effective dates (subject to change).

Also “The APWU Industrial Relations Department has produced a Guide to Local Negotiations that contains a wealth of information to assist locals in bargaining over Local Memorandums of Understanding (LMOUs) under the 2010-2015 National Agreement.

The special edition of the Collective Bargaining Report (CBR) will be mailed to every local and state organization as soon as it is printed (approximately a week to 10 days).”

APWU Contract Effective Dates

11 thoughts on “APWU Tentative Guidelines For Effective Dates of New Contract


  2. Can you imagine Guffey knew that the carriers and mailhandlers and reitirees were going to recieve a 2011 cost of living raise and was negotiating while the price of gas was skyrocketing,and still agreed to surrendering the cost of living for the clerks and deferring the 2012 cost of living to 2013.
    We are talking about a Cost Of LIving raise that everyone needs!!!
    This man is a traitor and a coward.
    Imagine if he was president when the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor. He would have surrendered within 10 minutes and told the American people it was a win win proposition.
    As members we have the right and the obligaion to begin impeachement proceedings.

  3. Our plant manager has already been telling our “assistants” that they will get all our SPBS positions.

  4. Glad I got out when I did !

    Oh how I love my Beef Wellington !

    Good luck to all you APWU suckas – your gonna need it !

    Great job, Cliff ! Yours in solidarity – what a load of $hit !

  5. My local 7-11 gave me a better raise then this contract. Any postal worker who shows their badge gets any size coffee for 1.00.
    Don’t forget the current cost of living is $832 , so far , for 2011. The Carriers and Mailhandlers are getting it. The retirees are getting a 2.9% in January ( maybe more).
    The clerks waved the white flag and gave it up.

  6. Now I know why the plant manager, last week, notified 24 clerks that they would have to take mailhandler positions or be excessed 150 miles away. He beat the 5/23/11 dead line on minimizing excessing. It’s already starting and the agreement hasn’t even been signed until tomorrow. You can just feel management drooling for the massive f..ing this contract is going to allow them to give all clerks.

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