Federal-Postal Coalition Urges Senate To reject House Approved 2012 Budget

“The Federal-Postal Coalition, on behalf of 4.6 million federal and postal workers and annuitants represented by a number of national member organizations including the NALC, has written the leaders of the Senate Budget Committee, urging them to reject several provisions in the House-approved 2012 budget. The coalition says that several of the House’s provisions “are short-sighted, unfair and unreasonable” and “will reduce the net wages and benefits of federal workers and…damage the government’s capability to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities and keep America safe.”

Fed-Postal Coalition Urges Senate To reject House Approved 2012 Budget

source: NALC

3 thoughts on “Federal-Postal Coalition Urges Senate To reject House Approved 2012 Budget

  1. Congress is a disgrace. How does reducing the salaries of the middle class, the biggest segment of the country, help a consumer driven economy?

    Congress is bought and paid for by big business. Why is Congress directly destroying the most trusted federal agency, the Postal Service? Give up the rhetoric and tell the country why Congress forced the Post Office to pay unnecessary bills that Congress KNEW the Post Office could not afford?
    Why did Congress NOT remove these unnecessary payments when the congressionally sponsored recession hit?

    Why is Congress NOT working for the citizens of America and instead of the big corporations who have no nationalism or loyalties?

    When is America going to rise up and ACT like patriots and keep votong the bums put until we get representatives who work for the people?

    This cannot continue. We cannot expect to have a democracy function effectively and fairly when we do not participate. Money has and will buy their way in.

    Get your elected officials, from councilman to the President’s phne numbers and addresses and keep it on your address book and use it.

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