Obama Nominates Former Aide of GOP Congressman To PRC

Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Robert G. Taub, Nominee for Commissioner, Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC)

Robert G. Taub is currently the Special Assistant to Secretary of the Army John McHugh.  Prior to this, Mr. Taub spent significant time working in the U.S. House of Representatives, including serving for a decade as Chief of Staff to then-Congressman McHugh.  He has extensive expertise with postal policy and was instrumental in developing the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which modernized America’s postal laws for the first time since 1970.  Mr. Taub served for 12 years on the House of Representative’s Oversight & Government Reform Committee in a series of senior positions, including service as Staff Director of its former Postal Service Subcommittee.  In addition, he was a senior analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office from 1987 to 1994.  Mr. Taub received his B.S. and M.A. in political science from American University.

Mark Acton, Commissioner, Postal Regulatory Commission

Commissioner Mark Acton has served on the Postal Regulatory Commission and its predecessor the Postal Rate Commission since August 2006. Commissioner Acton is currently Vice Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Acton served as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Postal Rate Commission assisting in managing all aspects of agency operations. Commissioner Acton has an extensive professional history of active involvement in the public policy arena, including more than five years handling legislative and regulatory concerns as Staff Director for the Republican National Committee Counsel’s Office. Commissioner Acton is an active member of the University of Louisville Alumni Association and the Kentucky Society of Washington. He attended the University of Louisville and has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.
source: White House

Call For Action: Urge President Obama To Appoint Democrat To PRC

Clarification from APWU Oakland President Fred Jacobs: The call for action was initiated by APWU Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez via Oakland APWU and sent to PostalReporter

4 thoughts on “Obama Nominates Former Aide of GOP Congressman To PRC

  1. Bottom line, dumbass, is still the 2006 law and pre-payment, of which this idiot is one of the authors, that is the major problem.

  2. Hopefully this individual understands basic economics; expenses cannot exceed revenue on a continuing basis. Revenue growth is difficult for products and services that have been declining due to changing technological advances that connect people electronically instantly without buying a postage stamp with a 1-2 delivery time. USPS must control cost. Sat. route mail delivery is a wasted cost. The American mail customer no longer checking out junk mail received on Sat. to rush in an order. Weekends are for family,, recreation, other activities, but not reading junk mail. Junk Mail received on Sat. is more than likely trashed. Bulk standard delivered on Mon. is more likely to get a response than Sat. delivery.
    192,000 vehicles burning fuel on Sat. @$3.80++gal. with delivery personnel cost is non recoverable wasted expense. USPS service is over extended. Route delivery service provided on Sat. does not justify the cost.
    This service is forced on American mail customers.

    The INTERNET connects people instantly: no stamp purchase needed.; no 1-2 delivery time. New APPS being created daily. Direct deposit Social Security and treasury checks by 2013. Internal revenue has not mailed tax forms for years and are now requesting electronic filing. GET REAL SAT. ROUTE MAIL DELIVERY IS EQUIVALENT TO COVERED WAGONS TRAVELING WEST TO CALIF, ON A 6 MONTH TIME FRAME WHEN ONE CAN BOARD A METAL TUBE KNOWN AS A JET AND FLY COAST TO COAST 5-6 HOURS.

  3. This nomination is about the last thing that the Postal Service and it’s employees needs. This person was one of the main authors of the Legislation that is currently crippling the Postal Service with an over FIVE BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR payment to the General Fund of the US Treasury for FUTURE RETIREES.

    The President ABSOLUTELY MUST BE AWARE of the IRONY of this nomination. It troubles me that Obama has done this. What the HELL DOES THIS MAN THINK WITH??


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