APWU Ratification Vote Count Underway – Yes Vote Leading By Wide Margin

From the American Postal Workers Union:

Ratification Vote Count Underway

(05/11/11) The counting of ballots in the ratification vote on the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement has begun. As of 12:45 p.m., the numbers stand at 69,451 “yes” votes, and 22,351 “no” votes.. There has not been an update since 12:45 p.m.? The numbers will be updated periodically as they become available. The final vote count will be posted at www.apwu.org.

source: APWU

17 thoughts on “APWU Ratification Vote Count Underway – Yes Vote Leading By Wide Margin

  1. We are in big trouble. My supervisor was laughing at us today saying our bids will be reverted right away and some won’t be reposted because they can just fill in with a small army of assistants that can now do all of our jobs.

  2. Hey Mickey-try running bulk mail by yourself for six years-then helping with the rest of automation, priority, express, dispatch and taking the cages out. would have brought my own damn flashlight to pick up those heavy letters one at a time. and guess what my office is being moved too-CAUSE I’M BEING EXCESSED YOU STUPID A**. My advice retire cause your obviously overworked at that desk with a blister on your finger from pushing the pencil…


  4. Micky. File a lawsuit against your supervisord and the postal srvc quick. You are being severly abused with being so cold you have dress warm. My gosh!!! And you papers being blown away & supervisord laughing at you????? I’d be in bed for weeks. How do you tolerate this horrible slave treatment. It ain’t right!

  5. Mickey wcone to the REAL world. Most people do not working perfect climate controlled conditions. If your cold wear warm
    Clothes. If you hot bring a fan. What a flippen whiner. 24 years? Sounds like you have had it too good way too long. You need to try another employer to fully appreciate what you have. I’ve been there done that. Glad to have my highly coveted-yes you heard me right-USPS job!

  6. Dear Don, I have a real job at my associate office, I am the bulk mail clerk, nixie clerk, business reply clerk, and my business reply office lights were just put on motion detection 5 weeks ago, so when I am writing up all the brm and postage due paperwork, I am in the dark. I had to bring my own light source it, also in bulkmail, I came back after vacation 15 years ago to find that my office had been moved and the door to my office must open all the time and the wind blows in like a tornado. Management thinks it is funny that all my paperwork blows all over. I have to wear long johns to stay warm and even brought in my own heater The management could care less and They will screw everyone that is a regular. I’ve 24 years and I been working in an understaffed office for the last 10 years. so what do you do?

  7. its the best contract that could have been gotten…a combat veteran..if you dont like it leave many people would love to work at the Post Office..

  8. Two thirds thought the TA was a good deal given the economy & the attack on labor. For you people to criticize & call them idiots, you are the hateful people that prob should not have the blessings of a good postal job. I seriously doubt anything but high wages, little effort if any & 100% free benefits would be good enough for you. Go drink yourselves into a stupor. Wait. I bet you are did that.

  9. Many good things are in the TA that wouldn’t have been achieved in arbitration, such as the new language in Article 32. Protections were built-in to prevent abuses of “nifties” like Out of Schedule premium. FLSA overtime is automatic for work over 40 hours in a week. The OT hogs will love built-in overtime on their jobs. Clerks in small offices should get more hours and breaks. Problems that develop can be fixed in the next contract.

  10. Looks like the vote count fix is in. Have not spoke to anyone that really understands the TA that voted yes. It could be they are just lying to me about how they’re voting but I really doubt it. Maybe they just trust management to not revert their jobs and repost them for 30 hour $12 positions. I can see the writing on the wall and it’s not going to be pretty.

  11. i attempted to inform everyone in our plant of the consequences. i wont have a guilty conscience because i voted no. there were many employees who stated they dont vote on those things or simply were not worried about it. common sense tells you if were going to make concessions, make an arbitrator take them from us instead of just giving them up. duh! one thing i realized about our membership is that there are alot of simple minded employees,uneducated with little or nocommon sense and have no grasp on reality. 50 years of bargaining rights gone folks.50 years! no wonder the public critcizes postal employees. most are stuck on stupid!

  12. idiots, you voted yes to a contract that will abolish your regular job and make you a “new kind of regular”. You will be working 30 to 48 hours a week, as a regular with no overtime for over 40 hours. If you think your district won’t do it you are idiots.

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