RIF Competitive Areas for the Postal Service Updated

The Postal Service divides its organizational structure into multiple competitive areas for reduction in force (RIF) purposes. Competitive areas are established based on organizational factors (separate operation, work function, staff, and personnel management authority) and geographical location factors. During the RIF process, an employee can be assigned only to a position in his or her competitive area. Listed below are the Postal Service’s competitive areas as of May 5, 2011.

— Complement, Staffing & Field Policy, Human Resources, 5-5-11 source: Postal Bulletin

5 thoughts on “RIF Competitive Areas for the Postal Service Updated

  1. The Postal Service delivers the mail despite the best efforts of Postal Management. You want to save the USPS? Get rid of every supervisor above first level supervisor.

  2. How hilarious. More time? Haven’t you been watching the craft people being moved for two years? Now this nonsense is coming home to roost and you think more time and more early outs are helpful. Tough it out. Live with it. You have known about this for at least 6 months. This is what has been said to the craft people. Now you deal with it.

  3. Give the Administrative EAS more time to make life changing decisions.
    More than 30 days would be nice..Next VERA. Give the administative staff another offer. A year or two would help…..

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