USPS officials walk out of public meeting on PO closure in Iowa

Postal Officials offer no explanation for walking out of ‘bad meeting.’

Possible post office closures in Northeast Iowa aren’t sitting well with residents in targeted towns.
At times, passions have erupted during heated debates. Discussions Wednesday night in New Hartford reached the boiling point, according to participants, and two postal service officials abruptly left the gathering at the middle school.”They just walked out on us. They didn’t even give us the courtesy of answering our questions,” said Sue Nickalaus, who attended. “… They didn’t even care what we wanted to say.”

Thomas Allen is manager of post office operations for the Hawkeye District, which covers most of Iowa. He hosted the event in New Hartford along with Sarah Lindauer, a post office review investigator for the district. Allen offered no explanation why he and Lindauer left the New Hartford meeting without officially closing the proceedings. He did say it was a “bad meeting” and futile to continue.

full story: Waterloo Daily Courier

7 thoughts on “USPS officials walk out of public meeting on PO closure in Iowa

  1. If I had no other argument than to blame everything on President Bush, I would keep my fingers away from the keyboard. Typical union lock-step uneducated response.

  2. It was Bush, you dope. Everyone else just went along. Read some history besides Fake News.

  3. Please spare me your education level, dud. When President Bush signed the Postal Reform Act into law in 2006, that was the culmination of 12 years of changes agreed to by, Republican and democrats, 2 postmasters generals, nalc and apwu. If I had no other argument than to blame it on Bush, I’d keep my fingers off the keyboard.

  4. The PO is NOT a business, dude. It’s a government service and it was fine until Dickhead Bush started shaking 5.4 billion out of it every year.

  5. At least there is someone that knows what’s happening. The past three decades were decades of decadence. We spent 24 million dollars per year for who knows how long , to advertise on a guy who rides a bicycle. Until we all start treating this as our business, and make decisions to spent our monies wisely, we will continue to sink. I would be ashamed, as a president of a nation or the chief operating officer of any corporation, to have to borrow money from a bunch of communists to keep my country or my company afloat. Just the thought should be enough to work within my budget.

  6. Typical postal management behavior. These meetings are meaningless anyway. We all know it’s just the process. Your particular office will close if it is slated to close. Do you think this stuff was hatched last week? The postal potentates knew in the 1980’s which offices to close. But, if it took 10 years for government to track down one muslim idiot, it should not surprise anyone that it took this long to begin closing non-productive cesspools of laziness dominated by union socialists.

  7. well at least now the public gets a taste of what postal employees deal with every day. i am kinda happy to read this. at least now i know after all these years it wasn’t me they were being rude to they are rude to everyone. how would they deal with a rude customer on the window. yell at them to get out of the post office. this is what happens when incompetent people are just given a management position because they want one or someones buddy hooks them up.

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