USPS To Expand Outdoor Billboard Advertising Program

USPS posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website seeking contractor for Commercial Outdoor Advertising Management Services. The following excerpts are from the Request For Proposal (RFP).

Commercial Outdoor Advertising Management Services
Solicitation Number: 109804-11-A-0002
Agency: United States Postal Service
Office: Facilities Purchasing
Location: Major Facilities Purchasing (HQ)

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: May 03, 2011 12:02 pm

The United States Postal Service proposes to contract with an experience commercial outdoor advertising management firm, or firms, capable of marketing and managing a significantly expanded program. The program will not require USPS capital dollars as both the management company and the advertisers will absorb these costs as part of their license agreement with the USPS. The USPS has had a limited billboard outleasing program since 2005. Many of our 8,800+ owned property locations are in major metropolitan markets with potential to generate revenue from an expanded program. The Postal Service is interested in selecting the most highly qualified advertising management firm(s) for this Request for Proposal. All questions concerning this solicitation shall only be directed in writing in WORD format to Stephen C. Roth at Proposals are due on June 3, 2011 by 3:00pm EST and should be hand delivered or mailed (using one of the fine services offered by the Postal Service) to USPS Headquarters, SMFP, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 6670, Attn: Stephen C. Roth, Washington, DC 20260-1861. Statements must be received at the above address no later than the date and time indicated. Identify your submission by including the following information on the outside of your package: Contractor’s Name, Solicitation No. 109804-11-A-0002. see List of USPS Owned Properties


Commercial Outdoor Advertising Management Services
1. LOCATION OF WORK – Various locations throughout the United States of America.

2. SCOPE – .The Commercial Outdoor Advertising Management Services Contractor (“Contractor”) shall have the organization, capability, and expertise to provide outdoor advertising management services for simultaneous projects at multiple locations throughout the nation or region as identified by the Postal Service during the term of the contract. The Contractor’s services will include, identifying properties within the USPS portfolio and evaluating the properties for potential use as an outdoor advertising site. The outdoor sites may have existing structures in place or the structures will have to be constructed to provide for “signage” that may include various types of outdoor formats, such as but not limited to, digital billboards, wallscapes, bulletins and posters. The Contractor will be responsible for soliciting the license agreements (license, sign structure and permit) of the identified sites to potential billboard tenants and fully developing the management process of the identified sites, including soliciting for and evaluating advertisers, obtaining permits, meeting with local stakeholders and regulatory agencies, acquiring and managing contractors, and coordinating construction with the local Facilities Services Office.

3. SUPERVISON BY USPS – Performance of the work shall be subject to supervision by the Postal Service. This shall include instructions to contractors concerning work orders and associated scopes of work.’

The USPS shall have the sole discretion to accept or reject any proposed license agreement, advertising or any term or condition as stated in a proposed license agreement.

4. STATUS REPORTING – The Contractor will provide the USPS with remote access to real-time data reports on the collection of gross rent, percentage rents, payments to the USPS, signing bonuses, deduction of net fees, site inspections, inventory and any other periodic written status reports to the USPS Contracting Officer, or other reports which may be required by the USPS Contracting Officer on request.

5. AUTHORITY – The Contractor has the authority to perform the functions outlined in the contract but does not have authority to bind the Postal Service to contractual agreements or monetary or legal obligations. Only an authorized USPS Real Estate Contracting Officer, acting within the scope of his or her authority, may bind the USPS to legal, contractual, or monetary obligations. The Contractor must avoid situations where the Contractor may give the impression that it has the authority to bind the USPS.

6. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR – This is a non-personal services contract. It is therefore understood and agreed that the Contractor and/or Contractor’s employees shall perform the services specified herein as independent contractors and not as employees of the USPS. The Contractor shall be responsible for management and administration of the work required and shall bear sole responsibility for performance of the contract, and shall be free from control by the USPS, but shall be subject to the USPS’ right to inspect, accept, or reject work, and shall comply with such general direction of the USPS Contracting Officer as necessary to accomplish the services ordered by the USPS.

7. INDEPENDENT MANAGEMENT – The Contractor shall provide independent management of all commercial outdoor advertising sites. The Contractor must ensure that there are no “conflicts of interest” between industry relationships and the Contractor’s ability to manage the USPS outdoor commercial advertising assets. The Contractor must not operate any outdoor advertiSing signage or billboards within the USPS markets. .

8. ADVERTISING STANDARDS – All advertisements shall be commercial in nature, promoting a product or service. Prohibited advertising shall include: (i) an advertisement that is indecent or obscene; (ii) an advertisement that depicts violent or sexual material that would be harmful to minors; (iii) an advertisement that is unlawful or legally actionable; (iv) an advertisement for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or weapons; (v) an advertisement for a product or service that competes with a Postal Service product or service; or (vi) an advertisement that takes a position on government, public policy, morality, politics or religion.

Contract duration will be for a base period of five (5) years with two (2) – three (3) year renewal options. See complete 84-page RFP

USPS RFP Billboard Outdoor Advertising

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  1. All advertisements should be of a commercial nature, I completely agree. In order to get a company’s name or product out to the public, you must make it seen (banners, signs, etc.)

  2. I submitted a suggestion many years ago to place a small advertisement on the side of mail boxes, can you think of a better place to have free advertisements?

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