Former APWU National Officer Gets Prison For Theft Of Union Funds

 Sanders recently ran in the APWU National Election of Officers to get his old job back, but was unsuccessful.  

The following is a press release from the US Attorney’s Office, Southern District, Texas

(HOUSTON) – Former American Postal Worker’s Union (APWU) officer has been sentenced to prison for stealing union funds, United States Attorney José Angel Moreno announced today.

U.S. District Court Judge Lynn N. Hughes sentenced Frankie Sanders, 48, of Houston, to 18 months in federal prison without parole for theft of union funds. Indicted in March 2010, Sanders was convicted by a jury’s verdict following a trial for submitting false travel receipts seeking and obtaining more than $10,000 in union funds for reimbursement. 

Special agents with the U.S. Department of Labor – Office of Labor Management Standards initiated an investigation after an audit of union funds was conducted by APWU National in Washington, D.C. The audit lead to the discovery of 13 false hotel receipts in excess of $10,000 for purported union travel during a six-month period. Follow-up investigation determined the receipts submitted by Sanders for reimbursement were purported to be from the Hilton Garden Inn –  Dallas/Fort Worth and the Hilton Garden Inn – New Orleans, all of which were fraudulent. Receipts submitted for the New Orleans property included alleged stays for time periods during which the hotel was closed to the public due to wind, water and significant roof damages from Hurricane Katrina. In addition, further nvestigation determined that the New Orleans hotel receipts could not have been generated by the Hilton’s system because the Hilton’s computers, server and smart chip were not operational during the dates of the alleged stays.  

Sanders began his employment with the U.S. Postal Service in 1982. From 2004 to 2006, Sanders served as the southern regional coordinator of the APWU based in Houston. In December 2005, Sanders was also appointed trustee of the New Orleans local office to deal with union related issues following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Sanders also served as a national business agent with APWU from 1992 to 2004. 

The court has permitted Sanders to remain on bond pending an order to surrender to a Bureau of Prisons facility to be designated in the near future. In addition to the 18-month sentence, Judge Hughes has also imposed a three-year-term of supervised release and ordered Sanders to pay restitution to the APWU in the amount of $10,078.40.

The investigation leading to Sanders’ indictment and arrest was conducted by U.S. Department of Labor – Office of Labor Management Standards with the substantial assistance of the APWU National in Washington, D.C. The case was prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorneys Tammie Y. Moore and Demetrius K. Bivins.

11 thoughts on “Former APWU National Officer Gets Prison For Theft Of Union Funds

  1. Ur right he did stay somewhere, withholding information is also a crime. Follow the money.

  2. I knew Frankie when he was a big shot. Just another fast-talking con man in a $900 suit. Frankie had a knack for disappearing whenever he thought the questions were coming–at seminars, conventions, etc. A coward, a criminal and, worst of all, a traitor.

  3. Correction:
    DOL-OLMS are investigating both thieves and you will have news in the future. Stay tuned

  4. Without naming my local and names of two individuals at this time, let me say true story. I belonged to my APWU local. Our former President # 1 stole about $100,000 and/or more in the last 10 years. He abruptly resigned when members pressed to see books. He passed his torch to VP and he became President #2. While # 2 was President, he became 204B. I asked him to step down. He refused. # 2 decertified me as steward. He was in collusion with the management to remove me. #2 also stole about $5,000 to $8,000 in just about 6 months. He lasted about 6 months. Management removed me and he settled removal grievance at Step 2 and sided with them in removal. I reported to DOL-OLMS about both. I filed NLRB charges and patiently waiting to get my job back through various admin process I am in such as EEO, NLRB etc. This is a true story and no kidding. DOL-OLMS are investing both thieves and you will have news in the future. Stay tuned

  5. Well, he stayed in New Orleans evidently because it was in trusteeship after Katrina. It’s also alleged that he stole $50,000 from the New Orleans Local. So much corruption associated with that damn storm! Of course, he stayed somewhere but his wife is from there. Never had much use for him. He’s a fast talker and I NEVER trust a fast talker! Then, unbelievably, he runs for office in the midst of all the scandal. I’m like, damn, where does this stop? We need integrity in the Union. It’s already a tough fight getting pulled down from all sides. But why steal? Man, that’s just dumb!

  6. The rumor I heard is that Frankie was living with his girl friend in New Orleans. He could have leased a room from her at a reasonable rate and that agreement receipt would have been legal. But he didn’t want his wife to find out so he faked the hotel receipts instead. I never heard anyone say he wasn’t actually there in N.O. when he said he was, so he had to stay somewhere, just not where he said he was staying.

  7. Frankie was an effective advocate.
    And he could have plead to no jail time.
    But when you steal – you lie.
    And he’d told everybody he was innocent.

  8. Federal prison. Are you serious? Now ‘Ole Frankie gets to stay in a hotel at the taxpayers , not just union members expense. Work on your golf game , Frankie, maybe you will get to play with Barak before you get out.

  9. Seems we should start enforcing the laws of the United States as they pertain to immigration.

    Frankie taught at a seminar I went to once and he was a great teacher. I am sorry to hear he did this, he should have to reimburse the membership for the loss of millions we could have won with his expertise! Bye Bye Jailbird…

  10. At last a thief gets prison time!!!! Let this be the beginning to all those who think they are above the law. If you take something that is not yours, you will have to pay the price. I’m so tired of all these people who just get a slap on the wrist and pay restitution. It’s about time they have to sit in a cell and really think about what they have done.

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