APWU: Additional Q & A About the Tentative Agreement

Questions have been posed on the APWU’s Facebook page about the Tentative Agreement for a new contract. Below, union officers address some recent questions.

Question: Could new Non-Traditional Full-Time jobs be scheduled six days a week?

Answer: Clerk Craft NTFT assignments could be created as six-day assignments where necessary to create a desirable duty assignment for employees to bid (for example, at a small Post Office that is open six days per week). This type of schedule would not be permitted in a mail processing operation or in any installation that has 200 man-years or more of employment.*

The local union would have the opportunity to work with local management to assure that full-time assignments are maximized while at the same time protecting the desirability of the assignments which are posted.

No current Full-Time Regular employee can ever be involuntarily assigned to a posted duty assignment of six work days.

*Whether a facility qualifies as a 200 man-year office is determined by adding all paid hours for USPS career employees in crafts represented by the APWU, the National Association of Letter Carriers, and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, and dividing by 2,080. If the result is 200 or more, the office qualifies as a 200 man-year office. The measure is based on the 12-months preceding the beginning of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The determination remains in effect throughout the life of the agreement. Paid hours include work hours, overtime, and leave hours.

Question: Are there any changes pertaining to janitorial or custodial Part-Time Regulars being converted to Full-Time Regulars? If so, when will this happen?

Answer: There were no changes involving PTR custodians becoming FTR or vice-versa


source: APWU

5 thoughts on “APWU: Additional Q & A About the Tentative Agreement

  1. Don’t be hoodwinked by these shysters. Anyone who can read should not vote for this contract ON the union members. The visual of this contract is exactly the workforce that the USPS wants. They could only achieve this by manipulating the union potentate.When union leadership does’nt aggressively bargain for it’s members, then our dues are being paid for nothing. I would rather take my chances through arbitration. This is a very expensive setback for the people on the workroom floor. I understand Shared Services are getting quite a few calls of members requesting their dues deduction anniversary date to cancel membership in the union. There are 2 in my office. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  2. i worked for proctor & gamble prior to coming to the postal service, non traditional workfrce is their format, when a two tieed salary scale was implemented our pay was frozen( see tentative agreement ) current full time pay is frozen i wil never vote o give up COLA

  3. The way I read it, half of all APWU jobs in the larger plants could be converted to a NTFT schedule and ALL jobs in smaller facilities. The proper procedure (if I read it correctly) is the job must be abolished first and then reposted for open bidding to all. With this contract in place, I can see management declaring open season to disrupt many of us. I for one voted NO due.

  4. I want to know if a current full-time 40 hour person have their position converted to a less than 40 hour per week (AKA NTFT) against their will?

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