USPS Cancels Public Meeting To Discuss Possible Closure Of Leverett, MA Post Office

Postal Session on Leverett Post Office Cancelled  – Study moves in ‘different direction,’ say officials

The Postal Service’s Connecticut Valley District Office, with administrative oversight for post offices in portions of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut,, issued the following statement today announcing that an informational session scheduled for this week to discuss the status of the Leverett MA Post Office is cancelled:

As we have said many times in our study and review process of post offices of late, initiating a study does not constitute a decision to discontinue a post office.  It does begin the process of data collection which helps us determine how to proceed.

Our studies of the Leverett postal facility are an example of this fluid process.  As a result of our initial work in this instance, we are taking a different direction with our studies in Leverett.  This eliminates the need for a community meeting at this time.

There is no decision in place as to whether we will reopen a review of this office for the possibility of consolidation or closure, nor do we have a timetable for such a decision.   Should we resume a fact-finding study in the future, our statutory requirements would mean our community contact process — including surveys and a meeting – would be rescheduled.   There are no plans to do so at this time.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The community informational session on the Leverett Post Office was scheduled for April 27, at 6:30 pm, at the Leverett Elementary School.

source: USPS

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  1. How about shutting down a few hundred of these “administrative” offices and putting these lazy, fat pencil pushers to work?

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