Postal Service Offers Big Savings in Small Package Shipping

New Regional Ground Service for Commercial Shippers

WASHINGTON — Commercial shippers seeking an economical solution for delivery of small packages now have a new service available from the U.S. Postal Service. Introduced April 17, Parcel Select Regional Ground offers competitive pricing for high-volume business-to-consumer shippers. With an attractive value proposition for delivery of small packages within short-range destinations, Parcel Select Regional Ground can provide big savings for qualified commercial shippers.

“This new service is designed as a solution for e-commerce merchants looking to boost sales by offering free or discounted shipping charges for online purchases,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “It has tremendous appeal for commercial shippers requiring a cost-effective ground service for delivery of packages over shorter distances.”

Shippers choosing Parcel Select Regional Ground must have a customer commitment agreement with the Postal Service and meet annual volume commitments of 10,000 mailpieces. Mailpieces must weigh 5 pounds or less and measure 0.35 cubic foot or less. Packages must be machinable and use an Intelligent Mail package barcode or Confirmation Services barcode.

Delivery Confirmation service is included at no additional cost. Insurance, Signature Confirmation and Hold For Pickup services also are available.

Pricing is based on entry at designated Postal Service Sectional Center Facilities or Network Distribution Centers . Parcel Select Regional Ground is available for commercial customers who use electronic manifesting and pay postage through permit imprint.

Additional details and pricing for Parcel Select Regional Ground are available at Commercial customers also can contact their Postal Service account manager or the Office of Commercial Pricing at

2 thoughts on “Postal Service Offers Big Savings in Small Package Shipping

  1. Great to see Postal service be innovative in creating a means to generate revenue. Evidently monitoring marketing techniques used by Fed X and UPS. Create revenue, control cost, keep government from diverting Postal monies, eliminate Sat. mail delivery and the USPS could possibly break even.
    USPS needs mindset of Fed X and UPS TO PROVIDE COST EFFICIENT SERVICE. Generate revenue with increased sales of new products and services such as this and eliminate wasted cost such as Saturday route mail delivery and consolidation of small community Post Offices within 4-5 miles of each other.

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