Postmasters League urging action to stop USPS cloaked plan to close rural post offices

We are still working to stop the proposed changes to Title 39 CFR. We want to remind everyone if you have not already done so to contact all your members of Congress as soon as possible regarding Title 39 CFR Part 241. This is just a cloaked plan to close 1000s of Post Offices. We believe the long term impact to the Post Office brand, overall customer trust and service, especially to rural America has not been fully consider with this change. The Postal Service has filed formal notice through the Federal Register of a proposed change to the Discontinuance (closing) process for Post Offices found in the Title 39 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This is different from US Code Title 39, which is law. These are Postal Service regulations and do not need legislative approval or a bill to change. It is simply a regulation change, not a change in the law. The Post Office will seek comments (written) for thirty days. They will review those comments and make their determinations on whether to make the regulation changes and change the face of rural America. The 30 days open for comments expires May 2, 2011. Unless we get our Representatives to intervene, these regulations will most likely be changed and, regardless of the nice spin being placed on this proposal, it will not be good for rural America.

Congress is going on a two week break and leaving Washington to go back home this Friday. That still gives us two more days to send emails, faxes and make phone calls to your representatives’ Washington DC office so it is not too late. The second point I want to make is that the home office is a great place to send a duplicate of all those letters, faxes and emails. Your representatives are home; let them know what their constituents want. They sometimes forget what is important to the citizens that voted for them. Get their commitment to object to the CFR changes and submit comments by May 2, 2011.
All of those addresses and fax numbers for Congress can be found on our Legislative Position Papers web page. All the talking points and addressees to send comments are also available on the legislative web page and should give you plenty of information to use in your letters and phone calls. These talking points were developed jointly by the LEAGUE and NAPUS so all Postmasters and customers would have the same information.
We need every Postmaster to get involved. While we need your enthusiastic support please remember, while you are on the clock or on USPS property or using a USPS phone you are the voice of the USPS and must speak with the USPS voice. When you are off the clock, at home, or on a personal phone you may share your concern for your CUSTOMERS with congress.
Mark Strong
National League of Postmasters

National League of Postmasters – Presidents Message

5 thoughts on “Postmasters League urging action to stop USPS cloaked plan to close rural post offices

  1. they want the prefunding money because soon there will not be many postal workers left – automation will take care of a lot of them – zumbox many more

  2. C’mon dude. The PO is NOT a business. It is a government service. If it’s run like a business it will be UPS and no more universal delivery. And it would still function as a break-even if not for the 2006 law passed just to shake more loose money out.

  3. The League of Postmasters is only concerned about losing dues paying members. There are thousands of small offices that should be closed throughout the nation. Either run it like a business or sell it off. By the way, I’m a retired Postmaster.

  4. The main objective is to keep dues without any regard for the need and cost. of so called rural post officies. The interest is not for the best interest of the public but to maintain league members who are primarly at small officies.

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