Video: Who’s That Lady? New Stamp Features Wrong Statue of Liberty

The huddled masses would be sorely disappointed – the Ellis Island greeter depicted on a new U.S. stamp is actually her Las Vegas replica.

The green lady proudly gazes into the distance on the USPS’s newest stamp. But upon closer inspection: she’s a faker. Even the Post Office didn’t pick up on the printing error: a popular stamp magazine, Linn’s Stamp News, brought the issue to light.

The Postal Service reportedly chose the image from a photography service, unaware that it wasn’t the real deal. But they’re standing by their choice. “We still love the stamp design and would have selected this photograph anyway,” said USPS spokesman Roy Betts.

full story from TIME

Video from ABC News

6 thoughts on “Video: Who’s That Lady? New Stamp Features Wrong Statue of Liberty

  1. Don’t you realize no one fights for this country anymore . Who gives a shit !!!!!!!! All the wars we fought were for nothing . Just look around , this country is a melting pot . No one is a pure race anymore . Well maybe the Asians they don’t cross breed as much as the other races do . Thats why the will take over . The only thing the statue means to anyone is it’s a target to bomb . America is a wasteland , a third world country just like the rest of the world . No other country fight other countries like us . They only fight their country men , so wait till this counrty starts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The replica looks better than the real thing anyway. People just have to find something to BITCH about. Just plain BS.

  3. The fact that the post office is misrepresenting an iconic national landmark as “The Statue of Liberty” on one of it’s stamps is inexcusable. The Statue of Liberty means so much to those of us who are first generation Americans and whose fathers were part of America’s “Greatest Generation”. This generation fought Nazi tyranny , lifted America out of The Depression, integrated the armed services,legislated civil rights,penned Medicaid and Medicare and put men on the Moon! It is unlikely we will see such a generation again. The least the post office can do to acknowledge America’s legacy of immigrant participation in it’s history is to accurately reflect on it’s postage a true representation of a national landmark which recognizes them. Let’s not stop there.Why not depict The Seattle Space Needle on a stamp and call it The Lincoln Memorial? Let’s have a picture of the White House on a stamp and say that it is The Capitol. Or my favorite, a picture of Louie “Satchmo” Armstrong on postage and call it a Dr. Martin Luther King stamp? Who cares,big deal! It still gets your letter anywhere in the country in a few days!


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