PRC Chair: No Five-Day Postal Delivery Anytime Soon

“Five-day mail delivery, if it ever happens, is a few years down the road, according to the chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission.

PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway commented on five-day delivery as a guest on an April 11 podcast with Gene Del Polito, the president of the Association for Postal Commerce.

“It’s not likely Congress would act to remove the six-day requirement in 2011 or 2012,” Goldway told Del Polito. “It’s possible farther down the road.”

Admitting that she is no expert when it comes to Congress, Goldway said it appears that outside of Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE), there isn’t strong support for five-day delivery on the Senate side. The House side also seems to favor six-day delivery, she said.”

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One thought on “PRC Chair: No Five-Day Postal Delivery Anytime Soon

  1. no delivery on saturday is long over should of been done years ago..the benefits are many but most we would get the volume back on our routes so they wouldnt need to get rid of routes to make our 8 hour days..volume will go down and down and down…

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