Zumbox Signs Agreement With New Zealand Post to Deliver Digital Postal Mail

According to Zumbox: While the USPS continues to struggle, postal services around the world have been quietly transitioning to digital delivery – including the Swiss Post, and now New Zealand. Today’s announcement validates Zumbox as the digital mail technology provider leading the seachange in how consumers interact with their mail around the world. While it hasn’t gotten the mix right to date, the USPS did recently announce it is reviewing digital delivery options, which is a step in the right direction.

Cost-Effective, Secure, Digital Delivery Option for Mailers and Consumers Complements Traditional Postal Mail

LOS ANGELES, CA – Zumbox, the leader in digital postal mail services, today announced a licensing agreement with New Zealand Post http://www.nzpost.co.nz/ to deploy the Zumbox Platform for Digital Postal Mail. New Zealand Post has licensed the Zumbox Platform and received a national exclusive on the use of the platform as it develops market offerings to provide mailers and consumers a cost-effective and convenient option for secure digital delivery and storage of postal mail.

The Zumbox Platform is a locally deployable, white-label software offering that provides postal operators and commercial entities a complete system for digital delivery of mail based on street addresses. Digital postal mail is a facsimile of paper mail created from a diversion of the existing print stream. It is presented and archived digitally for consumers in a centralized, secure online location, creating significant cost savings for mailers along with the environmental benefits of reduced paper production and waste.

According to a 2010 study by The Research Agency, 77 percent of consumers said they would likely use a digital post network if it were available. Further, the average consumer using the service estimated they would opt out of receiving 59 percent of their current paper mail while 42 percent estimated they would go paperless on more than 80 percent of their mail. The survey also found that the strong consumer interest was matched by businesses, with 77 percent saying they would likely use the service to deliver mail digitally.

With a digital postal system based on street addresses, the Zumbox Platform enables multi-channel delivery for postal operators who can now offer mailers the ability to deliver both physically and digitally in parallel until consumers opt out of receiving the paper version. Consumers benefit from a simple, time-saving and environmentally responsible alternative with permanent online recordkeeping of their important mail and documents.

source: Zumbox

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  1. What’s a zumbox? And the only reason the PO “continues to struggle” is the 5.4 billion dollar pre-payment no other entity in the world is required to pay.

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