Guffey Videos On Cleaning Up Confusion About The Tentative Agreement

A few provisions of the Tentative Agreement have been misunderstood by some union members. APWU President Cliff Guffey sets the record straight in video messages.

Pay Raises vs. Health Benefit Costs

Non-Traditional Full-Time Assignments

54 thoughts on “Guffey Videos On Cleaning Up Confusion About The Tentative Agreement

  1. a- the contract is horrible it sides with management it looked like the post master general him self wrote the contract and our union called it there own.just as long as you pick there medical insurance that no hospital or doctor will except . apwu medical insurance why do you think the postal service covers almost all cost for any body who takes that crappy insurance because the union sold out . in the new contract youll pay more for your health insurance. more than the 3.5 percent pay raise youll wait 2 years to see a nickel of . im wating for the union to drop the other shoe and tell us about how great they did for us and demand a increase that we didnt get to go to higher union dues your 3.5% pay increase and the cola the union talked us out of for 2011 the union said we really made out .they were talking about them .the union did make out but not the dues paying workers.

  2. I find it very interesting to read all of this BITCHING about the union negotiations and pressing for a NO vote. Claims of how we should stand up and fight for a better deal. Stating that “We are supposed to be one of the strongest union –keep it that way!!”
    I don’t know about you, but at our monthly union meetings we sometimes don’t even have a quorum. Ppl don’t get involved until they have a gripe, something to bitch about. They want the union to fix everything right now without any help from anyone.
    All of this bitching reminds of the same thing. No one wants to sacrifice. Everyone wants to bitch and have everything their way.

    Well this is a new world we are living in people. There are sacrifices being made everywhere, especially with the middle class. We are being targeted. Vote no and wait to see just how shitty things will be.

    Why don’t you all try to really read the contract, listen to the informational videos, ask questions before you spout off at the mouth about things you really don’t know and possibly ruin our best offer.

    We make a good salary. Appreciate that.

    If this turns out to be not the best contract, the next one can be negotiated for improvements. Four years. I think it is good for 4 years!

  3. Excuse me Roko11, FYI, there is no agreed contract until all the membership of the Union ratifies it!!! This is a democratic process in case you are unaware. Thanks.

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