NAPUS Leaders Design Strategy to Stop USPS’ Illegal Regulatory Changes

NAPUS President Bob Rapoza briefed the National Executive Board on Thursday, April 7, on strategies to derail an illegal Postal Service attempt to implement regulations that would make it easier to close post offices, deny communities their statutory due process rights, and would violate the existing statutory definition of “Postmaster.”  The meeting, which followed an earlier telecom between Government Relations Director Bob Levi and 50 legislative chairs throughout the nation, alerted all NAPUS leaders to take immediate action to ensure that all Postmasters are proactively involved to overturn the regulatory changes.

NAPUS leaders emphasized the value of the small post offices to rural America and there was miniscule savings to be realized by closing these small rural post offices.  The Postal Service’s proposed regulations would illegally run afoul of the current statutory requirements in Title 39 of the U.S. Code by “re-designating” thousands of post offices as stations and branches of another post office.

President Rapoza has called on all Postmasters to communicate with their national and chapter leaders and legislative chairs to learn what they can do to fight the Postal Service’s misguided proposed regulations.  He said that the proposed changes should be a “concern to every Postmaster in America.”

Charlie Moser

April 8, 2011

source: NAPUS

7 thoughts on “NAPUS Leaders Design Strategy to Stop USPS’ Illegal Regulatory Changes

  1. Per the statement FED X and UPS do not delivery every DAY is correct. People place orders for merchandise and supplier of product determine source to deliver the product. The action in placing an order for delivery of a product was initiated by the customer. Fed X, UPS, or USPS, may deliver but customer initiated action needed. Regarding Fed X and UPS do not deliver to everyone every day is correct. The USPS was set up as a service paid for by taxpayers to connect people across the United States and in military actions involving US. A political operated service prior to reorganization in 60s when USPS was to operate at a break even point as a self sufficient organization.
    Advances in technology and competition from private companies in delivery of parcels and time sensitive mail changed the communication market. Personal communication via the written word in letter form via first class mail declined.
    The need to regain parcel delivery business was critical as USPS lacked vision that the product which was considerd nonessential would regain importance as a means to create revenue. The lack of interest to deliver parcels gave birth to UPS and Fed X. . PMG Red Blount started construction of BMCs to facilitate USPS attempting to regain the business it previously did not want.
    Individuals ordering a product inititate action for a delivery t0 an address. Spplier determines means of delivery to customer. Others companies do not delivery to every resident everday is correct. Mail receipents cannot control bulk standard advertising mail addressed to their street address. Companies create mailing ads for their retail and business customers and use the Postal Service to place in a mail box at a street address created by a 3rd party. Mail receiptent cannot control what advertising send to their mailing address. Companies exist for this purpose alone. Buy a product, use a credit card, subscribe to a magazine, and one can expect to receive advertising mail. This is USPS primary source of revenue commonly referred to as junk mail. The USPS reason for existence this day and time is not keeing people connected as Internet via electronic instant messaging as replaced need to purchase a stamp, deposit in postal processing system and get message in 1-2 days. Reducing mail service would not be reducing a needed service but rather reduce receiving an advertisement attempting to sell a product or service. The basic need for POSTAL SERVICE IS TO PERFORM A MARKETING FUNCTION IN DISTRIBUTION OR DELIVERY OF ADVERTISEMENT TO MAILING ADDRESSES. Time has differenated what service refers to in using USPS. SERVICE IS A BUSINESS FUNCTION CONTROLED BY COMMERICAL USERS AND NOT WRITTEN COMMUNICATION TO KEPT PEOPLE ACOSS CONTRY CONNECTED.
    The USPS was a vital catalyst in its time of keeping Americans connected via the wriitten word. That is now in the past and the USPS is now an important player in promoting sales of products via distributing advertising materials to mail address as no other firm can place ads in a mailbox. Monopoly in this end of the market.
    The word SERVICE has a different conotation in delivering sale advertisements as it need in past times referred to personal communications as First class mail which is now history and no longer used.

  2. If the Replublicans/Tea Partyers get RID of The Post Office and Medicare where are they going to get the funds that they rip off from them. The Post Office gets screwed over to the tune of $10 billion a year ( 5 for FUTURE Healthcare costs and $5 billion more as an overcharge for Civil Service retirees) and you won’t be able to charge a Medicare withholdings from a workers pay check if there isn’t Medicare. The federal budget will lose $100s of billions in revenue. Entitlement programs are funded by withholding but the Government has been using them to balance the budget on paper as General Funds.Get rid of the Entitlement programs, you no longer have those funds to play with.
    As for shutting down rural Post Offices, why not make a rule to not have a Post Office within 25 miles of another facility but have it apply to cities like New York and all other urbans areas. Everyone could suffer EQUALLY!You are KILLING a public SERVICE Do you know what SERVICE means? Look it up. By the way, that was a sarcastic statement.
    I would like to see the Post Office not offer Parcel Post during Christmas season, only Priority mail and Express mail for parcels. Start it the day after Thanksgiving. UPS and FedEx would be flooded by the following weekend and NOT be able move any Parcels for the rest of the year. If you want the Post Office to operate as a a business, we can play that game. If you even the playing field.

  3. What a bunch of morons! The postmasters union! Oh brother. It’s their association. A union bargains for it’s members. These guys don’t have bargaining rights. Oh yes, the Postal Service really, really needs “reform”. It gets no tax revenue. It has to prefund it’s retirees health benefits to the tune of about 5 billion, which no other federal agency has to. Yes, it has to adapt to the new environment but as with any organization that big it will take some time. Oh yes one last thing. Someone said “Life can continue without the Postal Service.” Easy for you to say. Fedex and UPS don’t deliver to everyone. They just deliver to the profitable areas. The USPS has to deliver, by law, to everyone. One last thing (I lied) why don’t all you complainers go and vote for those lying Republicans. Then when they’re all done with the economy and government. You can go to your mobile homes (trailers) and $5 an hour jobs and work till you die because there won’t be any benefits and healthcare. Don’t worry though the rich will own everything and won’t be paying any taxes. Morons!

  4. A real joke. Devising actions to prevent closing post offices that have been non essential for accommodating public use or need. Time changes all things and the need for community post offices are no longer needed in most areas of the country. NAPUS and the League primary purpose is to add members to increase dues TO EXERT POLITICAL PRESSURE AS KNOW IS THE CASE. A lobby group to back politicians that support their agenda. Members contribute to PAC to force political attention such as the issue at hand. Companies other than USPS do not allow managers to bind together as a union and devise a scheme to prevent closing losing non essential outlets that return a bottom line negative return. Many offices are 3-4 miles apart yet this group is attempting to use government statues that relate back 50-60 years ago that are now non existent in the advanced age of technology and demographic changes in this country.
    This group needs to face reality and realize changes have to be made for the Postal Service to exist in some form. USPS has delivery competition from the private sector as well as instant messaging in the Internet . Life can continue without a Postal Service existing. Junk mail is not a primary need to sustain communication in keeping people connected. Check Sunday newspaper filled with circulars once delivered by Postal Service.

  5. Is it any wonder that this institution is now dealing with the likes of ISSA. Look at the insane condition of USPS. Even the “‘postmasters’ have a union ! Even managment has a union! Even the so called “postmasters” are trying to dictate that they won’t be hurt in the restructuring of this institution.

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