Video: Issa on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell – Americans Want To Keep A 47 Cents Postage

Darrell Issa on MSNBC With Andrea Mitchell discussing the future of USPS. Issa said Americans want to keep a 47 cents postage. Current postage is 44 cent.

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11 thoughts on “Video: Issa on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell – Americans Want To Keep A 47 Cents Postage

  1. Issa is a total idiot. I had only read stuff he had said, now I saw him and heard him and I know for sure he’s a dumbass! He was rambling on about having 7 sub-committees….. How many people does that consist of??? Not to mention the waste of money to pay them to do what exactly? And he still is clueless about the Postal Service. He was basically announcing 5 day delivery and that has not been brought to Congress yet. Damn politicians, you don’t go announcing something that is not a done deal. And hopefully going to 5 day will not become a done deal. I guess if you are wanting to kill the Postal Service then perhaps that would be a good start. And this whole “30 hour week one week and 48 hours the next week” honestly, that’s why we had PTFs. The were called Part-time FLEXIBLE. They could have as little as 4 hours a week to 70 hours a week.

    I’m sure most of the registered voters in the country are anxiously awaiting the next election to get rid of some of these ignorant Republicans that are trying to turn our great country upside down and put all of us out of work. Then just think how bad our economy would be. We’ll all be in the unemployment line.

  2. Issa seems different than he did at the hearing. He has his public face on for MSNBC. He still lied about the USPS wanting to change the way they pay their RETIREMENT obligations. The USPS wants to change the FUTURE RETIREE HEALTHCARE payment. C’mon Issa!!!! Get it right and quit lying. Ross is even worse. These two Republicans are turning me into a Democrat.

  3. when you don’t know what you don’t know, it proves you don’t know what you don’t know and make a fool of yourselves!!!!!
    They always hire idiots to run a system w/o knowledge and screw things up!!!!!!!

  4. He’s a dumb f**king typical Republikkkan. And this a**hole ought to be in jail! His whole fortune is suspect.

  5. Give the guy a break, he probably mispoke because they ARE talking negotiations about an increase… possibly thats were it came from. Sometimes u just need to overlook the uneccesary and give the benefit of the doubt. Just a gentle reminder……not saying the guy might be a complete moron like a lot of upper management that is sinking us.

  6. This guy is dumb enough for a position at LaInfant Plaza, perhaps VP of Knowing what a stamp costs 🙂

  7. If this idiot didnt get franking priveledges he would know WHATthe postage rate is for 1st class mail.

    47 cents? Really? Go ahead and raise the rates to 47 cents and Im sure that will help eliminate the shortage that we have to deal with. That and giving back the 50-75 billion that they are using for day to day operations, we would be in great shape.

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