Video: Heated Exchange Between Congressman Ross And APWU Guffey At Oversight Hearing

Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) queries Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on why Pay for Performance is not used for bargaining unit postal employees. Also, Ross accuses APWU President Cliff Guffey of buying members vote on the Tentative Agreement. Guffey tells Ross, I am not buying members votes, “I realize it is a common practice on your side of the table.”

16 thoughts on “Video: Heated Exchange Between Congressman Ross And APWU Guffey At Oversight Hearing

  1. WOW what a crock! pay for perfornance??? everyone know that it is a load of BS. Mgmt runs around falsifying EVERYTHING in order to make their “standards”. Hiding mail, falsifying clock rings, changing OT to out of schedule pay, ignoring the window service because it doesn’t matter when it comes to pay for performance, changing color codes…. and the list goes on. The only ppl that would get a good pfp score will be the cheaters and the favorites of the supervisors. What kind of job you do will have NOTHING to do with it. The very best supervisors are the ones that are overlooked or passed over for promotion because they aren’t willing to BS to the extent needed to get there. That is why there are regular step increases now. Otherwise it would always boil down to who you know (or blow) that gets you a raise.

  2. all you postal employees who voted republican shouldn’t complain when they take your job.

  3. Wage Slave,
    Never heard it put better. Somebody should put your statement in print and get it out to everyone they know.

  4. Another bought and paid for congressman. Wake up middle class America and take back your country. The right wing and left wing agendas do not stop for a minute. It is time for a REAL tea party to step up and make Washington D.C. quake in its proverbial shooes. No paid for “American” need attend!

  5. I’m a libertarian letter carrier who is often frustrated with the inability of many of my co-workers to see that things just are never going to be as they were for the USPS and that we’re all going to have to take a bite of the s**t sandwich we’re about to get served. The trick is to eat just enough to be polite. That being said….. Wow! Congressman Ross is a HUGE douche.

  6. The middle class stabilizes economies. As our middle class continues to shrink, our political and economic climate will further destabilize. As long as our leaders continue to be influenced by big money interests, and as long as lobbying and big money contributions are allowed, our politicians will never truly represent the masses, only the privileged few.

  7. Long term? Right now is the issue. Ross Ross Ross…….all working class Americans should be disgusted with this Guy. Total FRAUD!

  8. Pay-For-Performance” is one of the BIGGEST scams the USPS ever created. I have personally witnessed -on a nearly daily basis- Supervisors in my station deliberately falsify data to reflect higher benchmarks than were actually acheived: and they do so with no regard for how it affects our overall organisation’s future success. Since I’m not peering over the shoulder of our local Postmaster, I cannot judge whether he realises this is so commonplace… but it IS my experience that NOBODY rises to that level of management without knowing how to play the game… and play it very well.

    For my money this type of corruption goes all the way to the top of our agency… and that includes YOU, Mr. “I-buy-the-votes Guffy!” Now I’m beginning to understand why former APWU Prezzie Burrus trashed Guffy so publicly shortly after leaving the union – Guffy is clearly rotten through-and-through [the arrogance he displays in the above video illustrates that amply], which means he’ll probably be very successful in his new job as APWU chief liar, thief and all-around scoundrel. A very low level of integrity for a once-noble union to now find itself.

  9. It’s about time someone gives these people in congress a taste of their own medicine. They think we are beneath them. It’s the otherway around Ross.

  10. There is such an anti-labor agenda with these guys. They won’t be happy until unions are completely banned like in China and the Soviet Union and we all make 50 cents an hour. Then all their large corporate masters can have 99% of the wealth instead of 80%. Wake up middle class. Quit voting for these f**king Republthugs sh*theads.

  11. Like many of the Freshman Tea Baggers that stormed the HILL in 2010 with absolutely NO idea what they are doing, this ignorant fool has the NERVE to
    make pronouncements on nothing but AIR IN HIS HEAD.
    This fact, combined with the EXTREME POLITICAL RIGHT WING AGENDA of
    Darrell Issa, has resulted in the FALSE PORTRAYAL that the Postal Service
    is an Agency that is tottering on bankruptcy, when in fact, it is the MILKING OF
    is the REAL problem.
    Fix the MILKING and you fix the CRITICAL PROBLEM…the USPS can and will take
    care of the rest of the issues that it has to deal with.

    ISSA AND HIS REPUBLICAN FRIENDS have turned this “oversight hearing”
    into A SHOW TRIAL for the “PRIVATIZATION” arguments of the EXTREME RIGHT
    WING CONSERVATIVES who have been preaching through CONSERVATIVE THINK TANKS like the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and the like for DECADES that “only PRIVATE ENTERPRISE”
    can produce goods and services most efficiently and that MOST GOVERNMENT SERVICES should be placed in the PRIVATE SECTOR.
    This BOGUS ARGUMENT fails to recognize TWO THINGS:

    That the founding fathers of this country NEVER WANTED TO CREATE A POSTAL
    “BUSINESS”, they created the Post Office Department to provide a national mail
    delivery system for every part of America, which is what IT STILL DOES EVERY

    There are PRIVATE SECTOR CORPORATIONS that perform similar services
    TANKS gush over, and who MAKE AMERICA PAY DEARLY for similar service,
    particularly OVERNIGHT ENVELOPE AND PARCEL SERVICE. Of note is the
    FACT that both of these CONSERVATIVE DARLINGS have contracted with the
    don’t/won’t deliver to THEMSELVES….this SERVICE is called “Parcel Direct”
    and is marketed by both FedEx and UPS as THEIR “LOW COST” DELIVERY ALTERNATIVE to help businesses with “their bottom line”. Ironic isn’t it?
    But, of course, ISSA AND ROSS don’t know a thing about it…and they don’t
    WANT TO KNOW because it doesn’t fit in with THEIR RIGHT WING AGENDA.

    These people need to be shown for WHAT THEY ARE.

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