Issa Says Oversight Team To Strengthen USPS And Spare Taxpayers From A Potential Postal Bailout

On his Twitter page, Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform  Committee  has captured USPS problems by using graphics.

Also ,Issa says on his Facebook page: “The question at hand is whether or not the USPS can continue to operate with unsustainable pay and benefit growth. All signs (like rapidly declining mail volume and consumer demand) point to no, so …Darrell and the Oversight Team are heading this off to strengthen the Postal Service and spare taxpayers from bearing the burden of a potential postal bailout.”

Interesting message on Issa’s Facebook page from Joey Featherston: “UPS employees pay nothing towards their awesome medical and dental benefits! The Postal service doesn’t provide dental (never has), however it is available to employees on their dime.”

note: Very expensive dental and eye insurance plans for postal employees. Postal employees must also pay for disability insurance in case of illness or injury off the job. In the private sector most employees can (like in California) utilize the state disability insurance.

On his Twitter page Issa uses graphic for showing:

Congressman Darrell Issa On Twitter

On Issa’s Facebook page

Congressman Darrell Issa

7 thoughts on “Issa Says Oversight Team To Strengthen USPS And Spare Taxpayers From A Potential Postal Bailout

  1. Congress Issa great to see a politician tell it like it is. .80 every dollar goes for labor cost. Increasing cost no new revenue generation as factors of supply and demand are inverse as demand is declining and USPS is over spending with less demand for postal products and services. Wasted cost is very evident with delivering mail on Sat.. Eliminate Sat. delivery and reduce skyrocketing fuel cost near $4.00 @gallon. Stop delivering low revenue bulk business mail at a outrageous high cost and eliminate a wasted cost. 190,000 route delivery vehicle idle and delivery personnel observing Sat. as nonscheduled day would be a cost effective move. Sat. delivery should be confined to mail that has a premium paid for a guaranteed time frame such as next day EXPRESS or 2Nd day priority.

  2. Issaa is the one with the “awesome” medical and dental benefits not to mention his “awesome” retirement benefits, all paid for by the taxpayer. The trouble with the post office can be fixed when you start eliminating the “layers and layers of

  3. Start condensing the damn rural carriers. Work 4.5 hours a day and are evaluated and paid for 8+ hours. But god forbid you miss the chance to nickel and dime a city carrier for 10 minutes.

  4. Issaa knows the truth I’m sure. He just isn’t working for the people, but rather his largest campaign contributors – BUSINESS

  5. Issa should listen to Darcy on this one.Get your facts straight please.Labor costs at the USPS are around 50-56% excluding managent positions.What you should be looking into is;why is 40-50% of postal costs attributed to less than 15-20% of the workforce.

  6. As usual we balance everything on the backs of workers. Rep. Issa has not discussed prefunding of the retiree plan and the fact that Labor not including management is only 50% of the Postal Costs.

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