NALC And USPS Agree To New Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process

NALC and USPS agree to new JARAP

The National Association of Letter Carriers has entered into a new Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process (JARAP) with the United States Postal Service for 2011. There are three documents that must be read in conjunction to fully understand the JARAP 2011 process. The memorandum of understanding M-01746, the joint guidelines M-01747 and the joint training document M-01748. Key changes to the agreement include a new 3999 review process, selection of the 3999 that is closest to the selected street time, an expedited bidding process option for entire zones that are optimized under COR and NALC COR technicians to ensure COR is used fairly in future JARAP adjustments.

NALC/USPS JARAP 2011 Memorandum of Understanding

USPS/NALC Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process 2011 Guidelines

NALC/USPS JARAP 2011 Training Document

5 thoughts on “NALC And USPS Agree To New Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process

  1. Agreed. Work 5 hours a days, get paid for 8. 300 deliveries, drive in an LLV all day, and are always in a rush to get out in the morning cause they need to be gone by 1pm. They are always looking for ways to save money, and instead of condensing rural routes into full 8-hour routes (figure 1 rural route can be split amongst two, depending on line of travel, here in upstate NY this is possible), yet instead they focus on cutting city routes and giving 10 minutes to every other route. The USPS has the worse management in history. Keep the screwed up management, get rid of all collective bargaining employees, and put temporary employees in their place. Its very tempting to fall down a flight of stairs soon and go out on disability just to get the hell out of the organization.

  2. This is what I like to hear! Turn on each other! More tax cuts for my wealthy pals!!!

  3. Hey Don, the rurals aren’t parked at Burger King, 6 LLV’s, chillaxin. The rurals are deliving 10 times as much mail as you and doing it in less time. No curtailing. Every piece, every day. All we hear now is how mail volumes are way down. So the question begs the obvious: How come its still taking you over 8 hours to deliver less mail? The rurals aren’t the problem. City can’t deliver 5 trays of DPS and 3 feet of flats in 8 hours???? C’mon. Whos really milking the sytem!??

  4. when is the po going to make rural carriers work 8 hour days, i am taking my lunch at 1:00 they are coming back from there route, how in the f–k can the po afford to pay there wages they are almost as useless as management

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