PMG Comments On GAO Report on Five-Day Mail Delivery Readiness

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a thorough and comprehensive review of the Postal Service proposal to move to a five day per week delivery schedule. We are pleased to see they agree that the Postal Service is likely to achieve significant cost savings if this change were to be effected and that much of its success depends on how efficiently it is implemented. We agree and believe that having completed a lengthy planning process; we are prepared to make that happen.

We are aware of the concerns certain stakeholders have expressed to GAO. We consulted extensively with our customers as we developed our operating plans. They can be assured that any decision to go to a five-day schedule will carefully balance our universal service responsibility and our statutory duty to operate in an efficient manner in light of prevailing volume, cost and revenue trends. Consideration of such matters will help ensure the financial stability of the Postal Service well into the future.

source: USPS

9 thoughts on “PMG Comments On GAO Report on Five-Day Mail Delivery Readiness

  1. The GAO said USPS was way off on their savings estimate with the elimination of Sat delivery & this is USPS’s spin by saying “yea, we know that, but we had to say something”.

  2. I do not care about someone’s skin color it is all about wasting money.When you are the leader of our country and you say in your face to the people something is wrong. I know people laugh when men of God hear from God but my Pastor did hear from the Lord and He said this Pres. WAS NOT born in America one day the Lord will show everyone. People become so easily offended but if you read the Bible Jesus offended people all the time.People need to get over themselves and start standing for Truth. When you are crying for the rocks to fall on you to try and hide yourself from God you will remember this. Repent and be Saved today!

  3. Crab, I believe she was saying because he’s president he is spending tax payer money lavishly. I guess she wants him in his place as a not-really-American president. You know, the Fox “News” viewpoint of damn all these brown people here ruining everything.

  4. You know the Gov.ALWAYS has excuses for NOt cutting but they expect Everyone else to cut. Do you see ANY Senator’s ,Congressmen,Presidents,Delegates etc.cutting back any???? It’s just a matter of till there are riots in the streets but that is what America wanted when they put Barack in so have at it! I bet his family still eats anything they want and goes on Vacations!!

  5. Sorry! Eliminating Saturdays wont help. Mondays are heavy now and mail is curtailed to tuesday,because management doesnt want to pay overtime or penalty overtime. Im a carrier for 30 plus and tuesday is the only day we can really lose. without affecting delivery.certain route have the down time on saturdays with businesses closed. capturing down time is really hard because management has a tendency to low ball counts and end up paying overtime. DPS is always out of sequence as it arrive out of order and 3 trays here and one over there..mailboxe and collection points with out scanpoints and labels. mail siiting for all weekend because no saturday collections in the buildings downtown.they save time but consistantly delay mail.local managers and bossses fudge the numbers for the counts they need to look good. every one tell the truth if you do they can solve the problems.that includes clerk carriers and bosses. we are hurting and if you cansee something wrong dont wait for someone else to fix it, its our job carriers see it al out and in. we are the last ones to go if they privatize.

  6. Well, it’s a lot of double talk. Bottom line is I will be looking to get out of here with a ton of money like my pal Pooter.

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