PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices

On March 7, 2011, the Postal Service filed under seal a list of suspended post offices, stations, and branches. The list was provided in response to PRC Chairman’s Information Request. The Postal Service indicated that,despite its efforts, the “list may still contain errors.” It contends “that the list should remain confidential, citing data quality problems, changes to its discontinuance process, and the possibility for public confusion. In addition, in its application for non-public treatment, the Postal Service contends that public disclosure may “complicate the deliberative process leading to changes in and development of future [retail facility] discontinuance procedures.” The Postal Service argues that public disclosure may lead to widespread public confusion concerning the status of the suspended retail facilities as occurred in connection with the release of the station and branch list in Docket No. N2009-1. Finally, the Postal Service contends that disclosure would “enable competitors to target certain locations for sales and marketing and other competitive purposes.” PRC disagreed and on March 28, 2011, the Commission released the list of supended post offices.

PRC Releases List Of Suspended Post Offices

8 thoughts on “PRC Releases List Of Suspended U.S. Post Offices

  1. Listed of suspended Post Offices; if this is the final list of Post Offices closed the process is faulty as there is a county in an areas with population 96.000 with 7 POs and 1 retail station. 4 locations could provide needed services.
    Either the process in selecting locations is faulty or lack of concern to do due diligence to justify closing.
    Government has plenty of money as they have to refinance monthly and they can continue to cover USPS monthly Billion dollar losses USPS could apply for a loan from China. Credit score could be in jeopardy.

  2. You’re right they’ll just find jobs for the unnecessary, unneeded and definitely unwanted managers/supervisors/204bs somewhere else, probably at the burned down facility, doing nothing as usual!

    At my facility, they just moved the managers/supervisors/204bs around as usual, status quo and they are also still working unnecessary overtime! Are we really in a fiscal crisis or what!!!!!!Make the changes, now!!!!!

  3. 2 officices in my district are listed.

    Both already closed.

    One has been closed for almost
    10 yrs. Relocated due to redevelopment
    then burned to the ground. Box
    customers moved to another ofc.

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