Postmasters League: Details Of USPS Redesign

I want to give you another update on the redesign released last week. The most important information to share is the correction of the Washington Post article. On the Postal Service’s Friday Morning Report the Washington Post had an article which stated “the Postal Service planned to eliminate the jobs of thousands of postmasters and supervisors, many through layoffs.” The PMG, Pat Donahoe, has said that there are no plans for Postmasters to be laid off.
The LEAGUE continues to get questions about the VER incentives for this redesign. At this time these incentives are only for those employees impacted in the Areas, Districts and Headquarters. Postmasters are not part of this incentive package.

All the Districts, Areas and Headquarters were busy Friday talking with employees to explain the impacts of the redesign. I will try to recap the latest but please be aware that this information can change.

In the Districts, 1443 positions have been eliminated from the existing 5791; this is a 24.9% reduction. The deepest cuts are in Finance with 256 jobs; a 48.95 % reduction. The Areas will be losing fewer positions in Finance to cover some of this work.

In the Areas, 306 jobs of the existing 1123 were eliminated, which is a 27.23% cut. With the District cuts in finance the Areas will lose 29 of the existing 299 finance positions, which is a 9.7% cut. There were deeper cuts in all of the other Area functions.

Headquarters has not shared the number of jobs lost yet but the LEAGUE has been told that it is a 20% cut. PCES positions across the country have been cut from 680 to 521, a loss of 159 PCES positions.

This is the breakdown of the seven impacted Districts and the Districts that will absorb the workload.

• Albuquerque goes to Arizona

• Columbus to Cincinnati and three digit zips 434-436; 458 from Cincinnati goes to Northern Ohio

• South Georgia goes to North Florida and three digit zip 321 from North Florida goes to Sun Coast

• Southeast Michigan goes to Detroit

• Northern Illinois goes to Lakeland, Gateway and Central Illinois. The three digit zips 498 and 499 of Lakeland will be going to Greater Michigan.

• Southeast New England District goes to Greater Boston (020,023,025,026) and Connecticut Valley (027,028,029)

• Big Sky District goes to the Dakotas

There were 419 employees in these Districts prior to consolidation. As you can see the District consolidation and cuts were pretty wide spread and deep. We will continue to update you to specifics as they happen.
Mark Strong
National League of Postmasters

7 thoughts on “Postmasters League: Details Of USPS Redesign

  1. So Sad! Most of these Managers and so called Executives have been milking this Postal Cow for so many years, did they think it would last forever? If the “Milk” did`nt give out, the nipples would have simply fallen off the Cow! Get in line with all those out of work Wall Street low life`s. Maybe you can request “Downward” mobility and grab a dustpan and broom and seek a Custodian vacancy now that the APWU has brought back almost 1800 positions that previously were contracted out, thanks to the same Managers that have just had a boot shoved up their ass. As they say, “Pay Back Is A Bitch”!

  2. Comment 2 James Jameson.
    This statement sums up the issue; too much overhead.
    Marvin statement simplifies the issue. A plush office with Cisco networking for conference calls to other high salaried postal managers with no product or service increases with declining revenue and massive increasing debt and this continues to exist.. DEBT DEBT. SPENDING MORE MONEY DAILY THAN TAKING IN AND NO NOTICABLE STAPH(sic) REDUCTIONS AT USPS HEADQUARTERS.


  3. Case in point: Why do we need a Deputy Postmaster General when we already have Donahoe? Manager over Manager over Manager Where is the integrity in all of this reorganization? Please.

  4. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians The clerks can basically do the job of the supervisors at a lower cost and do it well EX (204B) now to head level 7 positions. The redesign is a cover up because the EAS and PCES get to keep their same salaries for 2 years How is that saving money? All they do is recreate the same job under another name and repost the job again. Where is the integrity in all of this? They still get gigantic bonuses and we are told our pay check is our bonus so get to work. We get a thank you for going a great job and they get a pay raise and a bonus to boot. Look at the big bonus Potter received when he retired and they say the Postal Service is broke. OMG

  5. Not enough! The growth of administrative positions has been enormous and is a large contributor to the “disconnect” between the field and headquarters.
    With some many layers between the employees who actually do the work and the people making decisions the ability to give feed back concernng new programs and ideas has been choked off by the bueracracy.

    The current picture of the Post Office would be akin to a mushroom; with management and administration being the ever growing enormous head and the employees actually doing the work at the bottom of the the stem.

    Former Postmaster Marvin Runyan once said that “anyone that doesn’t touch the mail is overhead”. There is much truth in those words.

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