NAPS Issues Document To Assist Supervisors Impacted By Restructuring

The National Association of Postal Supervisors issued this document for impacted management employees

Should you have become an impacted employee as a result of this announcement, the following information has been developed to assist you in knowing what the process of a restructuring entails. Becoming an impacted employee is a shocking experience that is going to bring significant anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, and a general feeling of depression and hopelessness.

NAPS has previously been assured by the Postal Service that we will be provided listings of all vacancies that exist in each of the remaining Districts and positions that will remain in the field that were related to the eliminated Districts. Your NAPS Area Vice President will be a valuable resource for you as we expect that all of our field officers will have been provided with a listing of all vacancies that will be available in your District or within a commuting distance of your current location.

NAPS has developed this information to assist all of our members in understanding more about the current restructuring and what you should do if you are impacted by either an Area or District closing or a reduction of District staffing that causes you to be an impacted employee.

Once you have dealt with the initial shock of the fact that your position has been eliminated, you have to get to the next step in the process; what are you going to do?

NAPS Restructuring Document For Postal Supervisors

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  1. BooHoo for the poor managers that I have seen run roughshod on craft for 30 years. F ’em all.

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