PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery

The following is a press release from USPS on reaction of Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe regarding PRC’s Advisory opinion on 5-day delivery

We have received the Commission’s advisory opinion on our proposal to move to a five-day delivery schedule. We have been awaiting the document and look forward to studying the views expressed by the Commissioners. Five-day delivery is an integral part of our action plan for the future.

It’s important to remember that the Postal Service came well prepared to this undertaking. Based on extensive outreach to our customers and other stakeholders, we developed an operational plan, analyzed the potential cost savings and conducted extensive market research to document customer reaction and estimate mail volume changes that could result from implementation of this plan.

Following tremendous losses in mail volumes and revenues, the Postal Service remains in the midst of a period of great financial instability. On March 30, 2010, we presented a compelling case to the PRC, reflected in the testimony of Postal experts in operations, marketing and finance, as well as a highly respected market research firm and academician. Their testimony demonstrated that the plan would effect a $3.1 billion annual saving and allow the Postal Service to continue providing excellent service in an economical and efficient manner.

The Commission’s opinion is advisory only and therefore, is not a final determination on the merits of our proposal. We remain convinced of our findings. As such, we will also continue to press our case with the Congress on this matter.

11 thoughts on “PMG Reacts To PRC Decision On Five-Day Mail Delivery

  1. Let’s be real those who made wooden wagon wheels and slide rules hated loosing their jobs but reality is reality the Postal Service is not as needed and relevant as it use to be. Change is coming weather you want it or not. The American people have stopped using the Postal Service and that means it must adapt and change and yes disappear some day. The Amish are the only ones holding onto the horse and buggy days the rest of use moved on to cars and trucks. This fact is we are using the new communication media with this blog!

  2. As the Postal Dude states the mail does not go away; but the light volume on Sat. combined with Monday is not heavy as volume on Tues, after Mon. holidays. Any Overtime or auxillary assistance, auxillary assistance should be available without going into overtime status on Fri. as is at present, would be cost effective as on Sat. only Express-2nd day Priority time sensitive delivered. Eliminating
    Sat. delivery reducing Delivery personnel cost as well as idling vehicles is a cost savings even if some OT or AUX. ASST. is used on MONDAY. The fuel savings alone is tremendous; labor cost is tremendous. Eliminating Sat. delivery is a cost effective method in reducing cost without any deternental affect to customer use. Congress should do its job and support 5 day mail deliver and not play the political game of trying to gain attention to maybe get a few votes. Common sense should prevail as there is no need to waste money burning gas in Postal vehicles’

  3. Congress must face the reality that in order to preserve the future a price must be paid either by tax payor or a reduction in service which in this day and time 5 day postal service serves Americans needs. The claim that rural areas could be affected by a reduction in Postal service is a farout illogical fantasy.
    The advances in technology did not by pass certain areas of the country. Advanced communications have expanded nationwide. The entire country is served by electricity: rural areas do not use oil lamps as is projected in exaggerated claim that eliminating SAT. MAIL DELIVERY could affect remote rural areas. These areas have communications and Internet access as the rest of the country. The migration to the west by pioneers in wagon trains is history.
    This part of the country referred to has outstanding universities and renouned
    medical facilties.

    Congress should give attention to the economy of this country and the need to be frugal in making decisions that affect tax payors who foot the bills they create wise or unwise. Regarding the Postal Service and eliminating Sat. delivery it would be wise to ELIMINATE SAT. DELIVERY as it no longer serves its core mission of keeping people and business connected. The INTERNET has advanced to connect people and business instantly; no longer necessary to purchase a postage stamp deposit in the postal system and have it delivered in 1-2 days in a mailbox at a physical street address. People messaging are connected instantly via an E MAIL ADDRESS. People use Internet to receive checks at banks via DIRECT DEPOSIT, all social security by 2013, pay bills with automatic withdrawls, buy on line and other connecting activities business and social networking such as facebook. The existing postal service is a broken business model. Changes must be made as revenue will continue to decline as the customer base will continue to decline. A business cannot continue to operate when it spends more money daily than it taken in. Eliminating Sat. delivery would be a signfigant step in reducing cost to preserve the USPS without taxpayors bearing the expense. Customer use and demand should be borne by users and not subsidized by government which is tax dollars. Eliminating Sat. delivery would idle 195,000 vehicles with gas@ $3.69 gal, and eliminate delivery personnel would be a savings to contribute toward a breakeven bottomline in preserving the tradition of a Postal system.

  4. Going to five day delivery doesn’t make the mail go away. So have you figured the cost of overtime and auxilliary help in will cost the USPS to get the volume out in a shorter work week? My guess is you have, but are not sharing it with the PRC!

  5. Wasn’t it former NALC president Bill Young who lobbied congree for “postal reform” that burdened the USPS with the prefunding requirement for retirees? Didn’t he also agree to have the usps adjust the routes under FSS unilaterally, without any letter carrier input? No wonder why he retired so suddenly!

  6. Michael, I hear ya. I’m in the exact same situation as you; 15 year ptf carrier. In the last two years, my office has had three regular routes open up.

    Every route was taken by an out of town excessed regular. Pissed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about it.

    And the NALC has been ZERO help on the matter. They could care less.

  7. Rolando is spinning the opinion, NO WHERE DOES IT SAY THE PRC DOES NOT RECOMMENDED 5 DAY.
    2 for , 2 against ALL AGREE A SAVINGS. JUST DO IT.

  8. So what happens to a 15 year PTF like myself? More regulars with less time in the postal service with routes being taken away from them will be shoved in front of myself and others as I get less hours and less opportunites to become a regular, and I’m sure PTFs won’t get saturdays off if someone has to work them. Frustrating to get NO respect being a PTF!! And when the final decision does come, who will know 1st? Postal employees or the media? I’m sure customers will know before us!

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