Henning Postal Workers Killed Over $63

Memphis, Tenn- A postal inspector has testified in Memphis that two women were shot multiple times during a deadly robbery at a rural post office last fall.

Inspector Dwight Jones testified Tuesday at a hearing for Chastain Montgomery Sr., who is charged in the slayings of Judy Spray and Paula Robinson inside the post office in Henning, Tenn., last Oct. 18.

Jones said $63 was missing from clerk’s drawer. He said there were 9 shell casings at the scene. Paula Robinson was shot 5 times and Judy Spray was shot 4 times.

A videotaped confession was aired in the courtroom showing Montgomery admitted to the shootings. In the confession, Montgomery says he needed money and he thought the Henning Post Office had $25,000 inside it.

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  1. Send him to Devils Island……with a shovel and pick ax…maybe he’ll find the money there

    His parents must be devasted that they raised a murderer who chose to steal instead of work…

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