Fake USPS Minivan Found In Texas

The Harlingen, Texas, Department of Public Safety stopped a cloned U.S. Postal Service minivan. The stopped vehicle, which had been spotted before by a postal carrier, lacked the red, white and blue stripes down its side, a mirror mounted on the top rear left side of the vehicle and the clearly visible cage in the back. It also had a rear-facing eagle on its doors while, on valid minvans, the eagle faces forward. Also, the cloned vehicle’s decal read “United State Post Office.” Real postal minivans read “United States Postal Service” or www.usps.com.

via ABC News

2 thoughts on “Fake USPS Minivan Found In Texas

  1. If not for the alert observation of this carrier, there is no telling what would have transpired. In the least possibly a fraud case and at worst a possible terrorist act. Vigilence is most important now a days. The carrier who identified the fake vehicle should be rewarded.

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