APWU Negotiating Team To Conduct Briefings on Tentative Contract Agreement

 No briefings in California?

Members of the union’s Negotiating Team will conduct briefings on the Tentative Agreement in the locations listed below.

APWU members who wish to attend a meeting in their area should contact their National Business Agent or Regional Coordinator for specific information about the time and site.

March 17 – Charlotte, NC
March 19 – Cincinnati, OH
March 21 – New York, NY
March 22 – Washington, DC
March 23 – Birmingham, AL
March 25 – Minneapolis, MN
March 26 – Tulsa, OK
March 30 – Denver, CO
April 1 – Portland, OR
April 3 – Las Vegas, NV
April 6 – San Antonio, TX
April 8 – Tampa, FL

Union members who are unable to attend may be able to participate via telephone. Click here to find out how to contact national union officers in your area.

8 thoughts on “APWU Negotiating Team To Conduct Briefings on Tentative Contract Agreement

  1. Don’t loose sight that the leaders of the Union are no better than the Government leaders, they only care about their existence not the people they are suppose to serve. That was clear when they sold out the existing members pay and benefits to get more members to contribute dues. The amount of dues is the same no matter how much they make so it is a win for the Union leaders and their pockets.

  2. Why anyone would vote for this is beyond me. Management give up nothing , what happen to the part we are all in this together,management no cuts in benefits,pay or bonuses. So why do the new hires give up so much, and we pay more for health care and management gets it free.[at the plaza]

  3. I well know and am use to the talk around from the post office but from my union… ??? What a bunch of reading between the lines and sugar coating crap wrote up here…. No layoffs Limits on Excessing hmmm as stated in the news bulletin the new collective bargaining agreement wich expires may 20th 2015 retains protection against layoffs for all career employees who were on the rolls as of nov 20 2010 when current contract was scheduled to expire. Then further down on Job security it states the same but also adds that article 6 which governs layoffs abd reductions in force remains unchanged ….. Well are the career employees before nov 2010 or is this the sugar that makes them sound like if they do not meet the language of artical 6 on the six year in for job secuity.. The answer is whats in the contract is what goes and why did they just not say article 6 remains unchanged and not make it sound like if you work before nov 2010 your safe from layoff… OR add that to the article if thats the way it suppose to be….. sounds like word game to make people feel safe that do not cover the spread…. I do but those that dont be ware
    there will be a slight shift in employees share of contributions toward health care……… this will lead to several dollars per pay period each year ….. what the hell does that mean dhaa think slight means a little and several means alot… What a word game is this give me a amount or a percent and let me do the math if you cant,,,,, dont like the word games and dont like being BSed around… Thats about all I got to say and whats the rest of the contract dealings …

  4. Think about this, they feel they have to convince us that this contract is a good thing. When has this ever happened, as far as I know NEVER, so please vote NO on this contract it is wrong is so many ways.

  5. OK what about healthcare SPELL IT OUT, I don’t want to guess. Just like last contract that sucked.. I want to know before I vote.. The whole contract looks like
    the Postmaster General wrote it.. where do union members get something ?n I am paying you to do this BULLSHIT

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