USPS Denies Contract Agreement Reached With APWU

Some readers have emailed me to inquire about any updates on the USPS and APWU contract negotiations.  Yesterday I received information that a deal has been reached between USPS and APWU. But the Washington Post’s Ed O-Keefe tweeted the following:

#USPS spokesman denies rumors of an agreement between the #Postal Service and @APWUnational on a new long-term #labor contract.

Also, an APWU National Officer also denied  via email that an agreement has been reached.

9 thoughts on “USPS Denies Contract Agreement Reached With APWU

  1. I have feeling we are all screwed. Lower wages higher health costs and lower volume. Just give those early outs. I want to save a job for a younger worker. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

  2. In our facility it means Level 6’s are excessed even though they have more seniority than Level 7’s. It should go by seniority only.

  3. We can’t have “an agreement” until we vote to agree. I was told we have a “tentative” agreement. Our local has it posted.

  4. To the “supervisor on Mon, 14th, 2011, @ 2:52 am: you are the type of person that really sets back relationships with people back a 100 years with your kind of cro-magnon personality. The Union crafts, of all types, and management, if you are truly are one, do not need your kind of rabble rousing. Even though I am truly Union all the way and don’t trust a lot of what management, I do applaud, especially our APWU brothers and sisters, those at the bargaining table. If we do not come to an agreement I would probably prefer to blame the management side but to spread the type of message you are spreading is akin to hate speach and both Union and management do not need you in the USPS. Go somewhere to spread your hate speach. In solidarity with my Union brothers and sisters, The Struggle Continues!!!

  5. everyone in my plant wondering if the new contract will deal with excessing out of installation chaos and especially the issue of excessing level seven clerks separate from level 6 clerks. this is leading to level 6s avoiding excessing while level 7s are being excessed tho they have more seniority.

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