Video: APWU Members Demonstrate At White House

A protest on March 7th 2011 at the White House ‘Regarding the Protection of the United States Postal Service’ organized by active and retired APWU rank and file membership.

In response to APWU President Guffey’s call for help, Rank and File Members of the American Postal Workers Union demonstrated in front of the White House about CSRS and FERS Pension and Health benefits over funding. Correction of the funding formula and return of overpayments ($75 Billion+) would help to make the USPS fiscally sound, saving jobs and mail service. The USPS is not supported or funded by taxes and the current Obama administration proposes, as part of their overall budget package, “relief” for the USPS by taxpayer dollars.

The rally was also in support of the public sector unions who recently came under assault by politicians concerning their collective bargaining rights.

2 thoughts on “Video: APWU Members Demonstrate At White House

  1. Why isn’t the Postal Service picketing ongress to get the $75 billion dollars back also, so it can sustain the postal service present dilemna? I do not thinkk they want it back until they have acheived their goal of doing away with thousands of working postal workers and destroying the americans people faith in the delivery of mail through the Postal service. I believe Postal Management at the top want the Postal service to fail, so they can privitize. This would be detrimental to the American public who depend on their mail on a daily basis. The service would also be higher for postage. Every american citizen who want their mail still delivered and worked by quality workers should call their congressmen immediately and relay this message and their concerns!!!

  2. The Governor in Wis will get his day. Just wait till elections come up. If not before then. Let him see what it’s like to pound the pavement looking for a good job with decent benefits. After all he’s done to take away all these from hard working middle class people. Hopefully he will be out of work for a long time, and see what it’s like to be without money or food or health care. This Governor and all his followers will get what they deserve….soon. And the rest of us will be there to soak it all in and while they have their hands out for help we’ll all turn our backs on them and remind them that they put themselves in this position.

    Let’s see how long it takes them to learn from their mistakes. And remind them that they did this, and not to blame others for it. There are other ways to save money, this is far from it. The only thing that will happen from this is all the opposers to dig their heels in and resist. And I can’t blame them for doing so. I applaud those who refused to take part in this Governor’s underhanded dealings. And glad they stood their ground for what they believed in.

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