Part Two Of Qtr 1 USPS Voice Of the Employee Survey Results?

USPS posted  Quarter 1 results for Voice Of the Employee in January 2011   and yesterday March 8, 2011 (emphasis by

The quarter one, fiscal year 2011, results for the VOE survey are completed. More than 76,000 employees — 54 percent of those surveyed — responded. Of those who responded to the survey, 64.6 percent replied favorably. The majority of our employees understand the Postal Service’s strategic direction and how their work affects the organization’s success. Sev­enty-five percent of employees say they are proud to work for the Postal Service. Seventy-nine percent are aware of the security measures in the workplace, and the same percentage believes they have been properly trained to do their jobs.

The quarter two surveys are being mailed out now. Ensure all employees are given the opportunity to confidentially com­plete our employee engagement survey and return it by February 21. (posted January 27, 2011)

 Yesterday (March 8, 2011) USPS posted:


Results from the quarter 1 Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey are in. Nationally, more than 76,000 employees — 54 percent of those who received surveys — responded.

Each VOE quarterly survey asks employees to express their opinions on eight USPS “dimensions” — strategic direction, trust, growth, communication, diversity and respect, commitment, personal safety, and work effort and quality.

Of those who responded to the survey, 64.6 percent replied favorably to the dimensions, and more than 81 percent say they understand the Postal Service’s strategic direction and how their work affects the organization’s success. Most employees are proud to work for the Postal Service. At least 77 percent say they feel personally responsible for helping USPS succeed as a business and more than half believe USPS promotes diversity of backgrounds, talents and perspectives.

The results are in keeping with the national focus for fiscal year 2011 — to strengthen the VOE dimensions of communications, and diversity and respect.

Each dimension also had several related questions. Employee responses to the questions provided feedback supervisors and managers can use to improve the workplace and the organization as a whole.

“The survey also indicates employees want the results of the VOE survey shared in their work units and that they would like their supervisors to communicate regularly to keep them informed,” said Mangala Gandhi, manager, Selection, Evaluation and Recognition. “We urge supervisors and managers to help meet the needs of our employees in those areas the organization needs to improve to remain viable in the future.

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  1. I haven’t had a survey in over 1 1/2 years I guess my pm did it one year. I got the post card an never got it from my pm. my friend got his the day it was supposed to be returned LOL. DON’T WASTE MY TIME!!!!!! YOU KNOW WHERE THE PROBLEMS LIE… GET RID OF THE WASTE! MY PM KNOWS MY OPINION, THAT’S WHY HE DOESN’T GIVE IT TO ME. i’LL HURT HIS BONUS???TOO BAD.

  2. People the survey is a waste of time. I used to fill out the survey long time ago, but i stopped doing it long time ago, why ? The more you fill out the survey ? the worst things get on the work room floor…What ever carriers suggest to make things better ? Management does the opposite .. Been with the Post Office for 36 years with military time, management don’t care about our opinion–or–what we think . I really believe that management use the survey to make things worst i really do and that is base on experience. Most of the carriers that fill out the survey ? do it to kiss up to managent, most of them do anyway just to get favors and especial treatment. I seen it all. Management are going to do what they want, carriers opinions is not going to matter . ,. By the way planning on retiring this year, looking forward to getting away from the idiots that are destroying the great postal service that we used to have. GONE FISHING.

  3. Why isn’t this done online? I would think that this can be done more efficently and less expensive than having them mailed in and sorted by hand.

  4. The way they want you to answer the questions DO NOT accurately reflect how you would really answer the question. I filled one out but I attached a separate sheet with my answers on it. I doubt it was even looked at..

    If answers and reality dont fit their way of thinking …. its ignored.

    Oh wait…..reality and DOIS?

  5. The folks that send out the survey also send a postcard to the employee’s house to notify the employee that they are part of the quarterly VOE. Several times I have received the notice but was not offered the survey at my work station. Where did my opportunity to voice my opinion go? The VOE has a direct impact on the pay for performance bonus/pay increase therefore, the survey should not be handled by the person whose salary depends on the response of the survey. If the postal service really want a true VOE it should be sent directly to the employee’s house. Then I can decide whether to fill it out, shred it to pieces or make a paper airplane. It is my first class mail, addressed to me, my choice.

  6. Lies…..and mo lies…this is how do “THEY” Account for over 500 millon spent on greivances……hey I get a bridge for sale in Brooklyn ,any takers……..oh yeah Bernie Madoff and Scot Walker design survey

  7. figures lie and liars figure. the first sentence says it all. “54 percent of those who received surveys — responded.” sounds like half the recipients didn’t respond. so that means you can cut all those reported percentages in half. therefore, 64% actually equals 32 % replied favorably to “dimensions” and so on and so forth. go figure!

  8. If mgmt really wanted a true survey, they would have the Union help create and participate in the formation of the questioning. Grievances are a true survey. No grievances, good workplace. Lots of grievances…general post office station….and bad work environment. As a former president of a branch I made sure for it to be known…we do NOT support the VOE survey. Mgmt uses the time on the clock to fill out a survey as intimidation and bullying, by ordering and demanding carriers fill out the survey, and they could not leave unless they filled them out. I get mine and take it home to shred it, so mgmt cannot get it out of the trash can to fill them out. It’s amazing what “performance bonuses” will get men/women will do. Falsify documents to make their “goal”. Great system…

  9. Every time I was given a VOE survey to fill out, the boss hovered around, waiting for it. I’ve heard supervisors talking among themselves, about how they were able to ‘manage’ to complete the surveys themselves. As long as they can get their hands on them, they will do what ever they can to manipulate them. I used to write ‘refused to participate’ in indelible marker across the page in big block letters, put it in the envelope and hand it back. Eventually, I would just insist on taking it home and shred it there. Those surveys are a load of excrement. Like Mike L. said, the only way to get honest feedback, is to mail the surveys to the craft employee’s home, and he is RIGHT. Until they remove the opportunity for the managers to manipulate the out come, there will be dishonesty in the results.

  10. In my opinion, seeing as most craft employees don’t or will not fill them out, the 76000 must have been the dead weight in manglement that responded to this, because those of us that actually WORK the mail know that DONAYAHOO, is a idiot!!! And is willing to fall into the Republican agenda of privatization, which will destroy the integraty of the mail system!

  11. The only honest way to have this survey to be accurately done is to mail the survey to the houses of craft people because of the rampant dishonestly of management, which the dishonesty is in file cabinents throughout the country in the form of won grievances as evidence of the lies and corruption that they have been caught and exposed in. Their corruption and dishonestly is far out of control now as well as their inhumane abuse of craft people that seriously ruins the lives of not only the craft person but their families as well. But they don’t care. Their only concern is for themselves, their bous and their power. Our true American forefathers and writers of our constitution including Benjamin Franklin would have burnes their asses long ago.

  12. Management at many locations are not delivering the VOE surveys to the employees! They are filling them out themselves because the percentage received from their facility are used as a part of calculating their “Pay For Performance” bonus. The entire VOE program is broken. Manglement is using it for their own benefit. It is not a true VOICE OF THE EMPLOYEE!!!
    It is a voice of the management YES-MEN!

  13. I don’t know where they find these people you answer favorably? Everyone I talk to at the P&DC where I work, hate management, and the USPS.

  14. This is exactly why the rural carriers are in arbitration and the clerks are still “negotiating ” after four months without an agreement.

    Rip the survey to shreds , then express your concerns to visiting postal officials once their ” pay for performance ” is threatened due to the low response to the V.O.E.

  15. I take this with a grain of salt…, 54% responded within what the Postal Service deems “acceptable”……uh huh, but……what about the 46% that didn’t respond at all, BUT should have responded….even if…especially if they viewed things “not so rosy”. If they do not respond the Postal Service will forever put out this biased garbage.

  16. The post office is full of shit they can say anything they want and erxpect us to stomach this shit lets give that asshole another pay for perfomance raise he shure put on a hell of a performance(bunch of lies management is good at that)

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