Video: Seagoville, Texas Post Office To Close

The mail will no longer go through the city of Seagoville. City officials said it is losing its post office.

For a hundred 129 years, Seagoville has had a post office. Those who live in the city, it is not just a place to mail a letter.

USPS will move the Seagoville Post Office to a building in Kleberg. Even though Seagoville is busier and the people have offered to pay the rent to keep the facility there, USPS officials said it is a business decision.

“That’s gonna take an hour and a half to do in Kleberg what they used to could do in 15, 18 minutes,” said Harold McGill. “It’s a real great detriment to the customers of this community. full story via WFAA-TV, Dallas/Fort Worth

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2 thoughts on “Video: Seagoville, Texas Post Office To Close

  1. We have tried since October of 2010 to get a postal manager/director to have a meeting with city officials to no avail. We have called daily, sent letters, sent certified mail, and petitions with no response. I have drive to the posta facility in Coppell to speak with them, would not speak to me.
    The postal system management has totally ingored Seagoville’s requests for a meeting to discuss the 129 year old postal service in Seagoville. Even though a postal employee says they have responded to Seagoville, that is a false statement that can be proved with certified mail receipts, can be verified by the police chief, fire chief, city manager, mayor and a councilman, he has to say that because he works for the postal system and they are covering up the fact they used and accepted false data to make the decision to close Seagoville’s Post Office, or he would lose his job.
    When a postal real estate specialists can use false data to make his case to postal management in Washingto DC and get away with it, it is no wonder they are in financial trouble. Might be time to close the postal system and replace it with private entreprise.
    Kleberg/Dallas is in Dallas crime beat 358, had 558 crimes in 2007, Seagoville’s Districe 1 closest to beat 358 only had 133 in 2009 and 129 in 2010. The postal employee was campaing the whole city of SEagoville’s crime stat to one Dallas beat 358.
    He also said in their letter to Seagoville that most people drive through the Klberg/Dallas daily. Another false statement, traffic flow stats around Kleberg/Dallas post station is 3700 cars per day, around the Seagoville Post Office is 60,000 cars per day.
    Postal management accepeted this false data as true after I had a conference with them in Washington DC and poinedt out the false data presented to them by their Real Estate employee.
    There is no valid business reason to close Seagoville’s profiable Post Office after 129 years, and move it to a stagnate high crime low business area of Kleberg/Dallas.
    The USPS employees of Seagoville will be moved to Klenerg/Dallas and the Kleberg USPS employees will be moved else where, no savings in employee reduction.
    USPS letter to me stated “The Kleberg station was built with growth in mind. Unfortunately, the growth of the Kleberg neighborhood has not materialized to the degree anticipated.”
    So there going to close Seagoville’s profitable post office and move it (there play on words) to Kleberg in a high crime area of Dallas with low growth potential.

    With these kinds of business decisions using false data and management saying false data is OK to use, it is no wonder USPS is failing and will continue to fail.
    Post Master in Seagoville said many PO box holders have closed their PO box’s and will not be using the high crime Kleberg station when it moves.
    There is only about 8 retail business in Kleberg near the post station, and 150 plus and growing in Seagoville with 700,000 SQ feet of retail business and much more on the way.
    Many Seagoville/Combine citizens are saying they will not use the Kleberg/Dallas post station, too far to drive.
    With 3500 addresses in Seagoville, if one trip each for a year is made from each address, the Seagoville Post Office to the Kleberg/Dallas post station, that is 35000 miles per week or 1,820,000 miles per year costing Seagoville citizens $343,777.78 in gas at $3.40 per gallon.

    USPS is suppose to serve the citizens, not make it more costly and difficult for citizens do do postal business. Citizens, this is your postal system at work, they failed business 101. That is why they are 80.5 billion dollars in the red. They start out each year on Janyary 1, 5.5 billion dollars in the red because of prefunding their benefits packages.

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