Florida Postmaster Arrested On Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment Charges

James Bruce Lee, 51, of Pensacola, was booked into the Escambia County Jail Wednesday afternoon on two outstanding state warrants served by the United States Postal Inspection Service with the assistance of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. He was released on $6,000 bond, according to jail records.

According to Postal Inspector Michael Mulder, the charges stemmed from a January 15 incident that allegedly took place inside the McDavid Post Office. A female mail carrier alleged that Lee attempted to sexually assault her inside the Main Street building.

According to the arrest warrant, the woman alleged Lee approached her from behind while she was sorting mail and began touching her all over her body. She told him to stop, at which time he complied. Later in the day, after the other carriers had left the building, Lee once again approached the carrier holding her by her hands while exposing himself, the carrier told investigators, before stopping when he heard a vehicle in the post office parking lot.

McDavid Postmaster Arrested On Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment Charges :

5 thoughts on “Florida Postmaster Arrested On Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment Charges

  1. You can’t control “ignorant people”.The Postal Service,as great of a job it is,is NOT the real world.The real world is your life outside the job and what U make of it.

  2. this thing needs to be held accountable! probably a pervert all the way around, exposing his tiny little self – oh what a thrill that must have been! but like everyone else is saying nothing will happen. a supervisor in our office hit a female employee and got transferred, the reason he was in our office is because of similar problems in his previous office. it is ridiculous what these people get away with….

  3. This is just another one of the many perks of Postal Management.

    Using USPS Credit Cards, gas cards and gift cards (intended to reward craft workers for outstanding performance) are some other perks we enjoy.

    My favorite is using threats and intimidation on my subordinates to cause them mental anguish and suffering. Don’t knock a toxic and hostile work environment until you have created one! It is almost as fun and enjoyable as running a plantation back before the Civil War messed all that up.

    The unions are killing the Postal Service.

    We need to fire more union slugs and hire more supervisors and managers to save the USPS from ruin! I gotta run, my ho’s will be returning from their delivery routes soon and I feel the need to conduct some “pre-disciplinary interviews”, if you know what I mean.

    I am invulnerable!

    I am invincible!

    I am God!

    I am Postal Management.

  4. not uncommon at usps been going on for years. and yes they keep their positions and get promotions and bonuses. employee will harassed and punished by other managers because she exposed one of theirs.

  5. What else is new ? He’s probably on paid leave ! These people are untouchable ! I see a promotion or transfer to another post office in his future .

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