APWU Members To Protest At White House Regarding Protection of USPS on March 7th

Regarding the Protection of the United States Postal Service
WE have a Permit for Monday March 7th from 1:30PM -3:30 PM to demonstrate our concerns: “Regarding the Protection of the United States Postal Service.”  
We are to be at the Center Portion of the White House Sidewalk at said time.  

Please show your concern and SHOW UP!  
We will be bringing informational leaflets, Posters and OUR Passion!
For further information, please contact APWU Members:  
Joe Shevlin -JOE0986@comcast.net or Michael Levine -shaman100@gmail.com 
Mission Statement:
A protest on March 7th 2011 at the White House ‘Regarding the Protection of the United States Postal Service’ organized by active and retired APWU rank and file membership. The demonstration primarily focuses on a permanent solution and payback to/of the   CSRS and FERS pension overfunding to save postal worker jobs rather than the temporary ‘relief’ measures proposed by the Obama administration’s budget plans allowing further   dismantling of the postal service. The union members demonstrating will also stand in solidarity and support of our brothers and sisters in the current assault on collective bargaining rights that initiated in Wisconsin. The APWU National Executive Board and Presidents’ Conference delegates (who will be in DC at time of protest) are all invited along with the entire rank and file membership.

download APWU Protest Flyer 

21 thoughts on “APWU Members To Protest At White House Regarding Protection of USPS on March 7th

  1. Guffey is a traitor. NPC are mouthpiece sheep for National. The rank and file don’t blindly follow the hierarchy. We can think for ourselves.

  2. After being a union member for 29yrs. I schould have thrown my money in the garbage for all the help I received from those assholes.The only union that will defend idiots and morons,that need to be fired.Hey fools learn how to negotiate a contract and not settle for a 1.2% raise.

  3. Like you’ve ever been to Egypt or spelling school. Turn the TV off and get a real job. Who are you to speak or feel for Republicans? You talk the same tired trash.

  4. This event is not sponsored or sanctioned by the APWU National President’s Conference.

    Lance Coles, Chairperson, NPC

  5. It’s high time postal workers hold public protests. Management is running roughshod over us with massive loss of jobs and overwork, excessing, pushing for more massive job losses with a 5 day work week, and negotiating to see that future postal workers will be low-paid temps. All this worsens service to the public, as do plans to close postal facilities across the country.

    The Republicans are glad to see workers beat down. Obama and the Democrats also want the workers to pay for the economic crisis caused by Wall Street. Our “friends”, the Democrats agree with managment on going to the 5-day work week. Obama’s budget fails to grant real relief from the overpayments into future retiree benefits that have fueled much of the postal deficit.

    The postal unions’ top leaders have offered little resistance. Yes, the complain bitterly about managment. But they do their best to avoid mobilizing the rank-and-file for mass demonstrations. Indeed, the rank-and-file isn’t even allowed to know what’s going on in contract negotiations.

    I’ve heard for decades that protests will suposedly alienate the public. This is lame. First, it’s not true. Most of the public are workers who perfectly-well can grasp what it means to be mistreated by the employers. Look at the massive outpouring of support for the Wisconsin public workers. Secondly, if there are working people who don’t sympathize with you, the only way to sway them is to take your case to them, which is what protests do. Silence doesn’t help, but just means the corporations and their politicians and media are free to peddle their anti-worker garbage.

    For those of you who mock workers and ordinary folk taking to the streets, perhaps you’ve noticed a bunch of dictatorships toppled or running for their lives in the Egypt, Tunesia, Libya and so on. Wisconsin protestors get it. Postal workers need to follow in their footsteps whether the union leaderships like it or not.

  6. “Sic of it” is a CONSERVATIVE MORON. who has no idea what he is talking about.

    The REPUBLIBAGGERS are just chock full of these really dumb ideas. The POSTAL SERVICE is just that…..does he want the National Guard or the other Military Services to pay a “road use tax”? What a moron.

    And to “John”….perhaps it would be a good idea FOR YOU TO SEND ALL OF YOUR MAIL BY FedEx or UPS…..after all, they don’t MAKE $25.00 an hour…..They make more…..and….uh….oh yeah…..you will pay through the NOSE for sending your stuff by them. Little Known FACT: Postal Clerks and Carriers starting wage is UNDER
    $20.00 an hour.

  7. To sic of it
    The Post office makes money and we have to give the fed’s Money, they don’t give us money. We are the only government dept that makes a profit. We when on our own in 1983.

  8. As far as not paying taxes take a look at the fire and police dept or any other federal car or truck ,and you wont’s see a license plate .Oh do you think they would just might have to raise the taxes more? We are her to serve America and we do a pretty go job, we [the Post Office] pay our own way .The OIG says we should have about a $150 billion refund. So let’s forget about the excise tax, the only thing to happen their would to raise the price of a stamp like any other business would do.

  9. But we can’t just sit back and do nothing. If we had the over payments back the P.O would be doing OK In the next 3 years we will down size just with retirements. [ 4 of us leave in Jan 2013 in our dept.] No need to let anyone go, ,just change jobs with in the P.O. .
    If the P.O goes private prices will just go up more and some will have to do with no service at all.
    The P.O is like the police or fire dept. ,a service to America. We only need to break even, not make a huge profits. We can’t make any profit when the Congress take billions from us. Or could any other business.

  10. To KCNDC
    You are mostly right, the window clerks do deserve better and the customers waiting in lines deserve better. Also, Congress does need to start paying their fair share for seemingly unlimited and free benefits that they enjoy now. But to hold a protest and try to make it seem as though the union has a better business model is almost like having the Mexican cartel tell us how better to run our government. You will only bring negative attention to the unions, and I don’t think that would be wise right now.

  11. To Michael,
    For years the union has stolen from the PO by teaching the employees how to work slower, by harrassing those who want to put in an honest days work and by defending the undefendable and getting backpay for them to boot. You can say that the union has to defend all members, but just like the US Judicial system, the crooks have more rights than the victims. So let’s just call the 75 billion or whatever it is, a wash.

  12. post office is indirectly funded by the government. The P.O. does not pay any road use or excise tax or license fees for any vehicle. so when you drive down roads that are falling apart and see the PO vehicles with no license plate thank them for driving down your street every day and not paying one cent to maintain the roads.

  13. Protest? Without winning the hearts and minds of John Q public we will only make our selves look like the the overpaid underworked school teachers who want the public to be taxed more to protect their good thing. In general, the public still like the post office, many a customer has commented about the only folks they see out on the street when the snow falling is thier mailman. Management and the unions need to come up with a workable plan even if painful cuts on both sides are needed or we will go the way of the dinosaur. Show the public we will accept the same economic pain they have had to deal with or the support will go away. If that support isn’t there our democratic officials in Washington will throw us under the bus.

  14. To John
    Just think we the U.S. Postal worker need to work 20-40 years [ depends on when you start and age]With Congress you get free medical, discount hair cuts and only work 6 years to get a retirement check,and they have their own private retirement account not Social Security. NO wonder they want to cut Social Security.
    Not many people want to work nights and have their days changed every other year because some bean counter comes up with a great idea
    which was tried just three years back.
    Yes we need some downsizing in the P.O. but not with the window clerks so customer have to wait in long lines,having one window clerk at lunch time is a disservice to our customers.
    The only time I nearly cry is when I have to listen to the poor ideas that management comes up with .

  15. To John,
    We, the USPS, are not Funded by tax payer dollars. We deliver mail to EVERY home in the country. We have overpaid over 100 Billion dollars in pensions and pre funded Health care!! We are not crying but merely asking congress to ‘give’ us what is ours and the USPS would be solvent and would not be operating at a ‘deficit’ that is ALWAYS publicized by the media. We ARE not the problem and we are not crying. Perhaps, you should do some research before you denigrate those who have served our Country since OUR founders decreed that mail service should be avialable to EVERY person in this GREAT Country!

  16. Just who are you protesting to? Do you think the general public will be sympathetic for people making $25 and hour, with basically no discernable skills? All you are doing is bringing to the publics attention that Unions cry, cry, cry when they don’t get their way. The only way the PO and the unions can survive is through downsizing. It’s called evolving with the times.

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