USPS Net Loss For January 2011 is $451 Million – YTD $ 781 Million

The US Postal Service released its fourth month preliminary financial report of the 2011 fiscal year (unaudited) . USPS reported a net operating loss of $451 million for the month of January 2011. This same period last year saw a $592 million net loss. In October USPS saw a net profit of $283 Million, November 2010 net loss $456 million, December 2010 net loss $156 million. After four months USPS reports a net loss of $781 million for Fiscal Year 2011 (same time last year it was $890 million).

USPS January 2011 Preliminary Financial Report

6 thoughts on “USPS Net Loss For January 2011 is $451 Million – YTD $ 781 Million

  1. Mine makes 126, 000. Does the same thing. Comes out and stands around with his hands in his pockets, then takes his three hour lunch.

  2. If the PO would just FIRE all the Fat,Lazy,Postmasters that stand around and do Nothing!! they’d save Millions of dollars!! either that or make them grab a satchel and Kick in & help out! Our Postmaster stands in the middle of the floor with his hands in his pocket, while we bust our ass trying to get out the door! than he says “if you get stuck in the snow,Don’t call me!! Its your own fault!!” yeah he’s a real team player!! this would be approx. a $85,000 savings in just our little office!! Multiply that by about 3000 , and your saving!!!

  3. The Bush Admin. was behind the pre-payment law. When things were good, the PO was the one fed. agency that could make money on it’s own. Excess cash looks good to a government pumping hundreds of billions of dollars onto the sands of Iraq.

  4. Well said once again JJameson! Of course they have been lying(Congress)…and the P.O. with the MEDIA should not be allowed to just “state a loss” without the ever present explanation of the prefunding of retiree health benefits…….THAT NO ONE ELSE DOES!!!

  5. Rubbish, If Congress had not unnecessarily forced the Post Office to do what no other federal agency has to do, pay $5.5 billion towards “pre-paying” retiree health benefits,
    WHY was the Post office forced to do this when every effective actuarial strategy says NOT to?
    WHO, is behind trying to kill the Post Office ?
    WHY, is this being done?

    The, both the Office of Inspector General and the General Accounting Office, in seperate audits, find that the Treasury has been overcharging the Post Office for it’s contribution for 30 or 40 years to the tune of $60 billion.
    Congress now refuses to return the money, and the President decides to give the Post Office back just $6 billion.
    Then they claim, after what amounts to stealing all the money needs to operate, that the Post Office is broken and losing their money to the internet.

    What a bunch of liars! The PostOffice has been solvent for 30 years, completely without taxpayer support. According to recent audits by the Office of Inspector General, if the Postal Office was NOT saddled with paying the $5.5 billion since 2006; and the Congress gave back the $60 billion they illegally took from the Postal Service for 30 years the Postal Service would be completely solvent for decades.

    The whole postal “financial crisis” has been manufactured and engineered by Congress and they are lying to the the American public to cover themselves because they have done such a terrible job running the country.

    Call you congress people and let them know that you know what is going on and protect one of the best agencieIs in the government and keep the Foundingg Fathers idea of keeping the country connected alive.

    We as a country take a lot of pride in our revolutionary heritag it is time for it to happen again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!e

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